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What is addiction?

An addiction is doing something you have no control over to the point where it becomes harmful to your health and wellbeing.

Addiction is most commonly associated with drug or alcohol use, gambling and smoking but when you really look into the subject you can find evidence of addiction for even the most harmless activities. As a rehabilitation centre, we treat a lot of addictions from your most common drug or alcohol addiction to gaming addiction, the message we like to convey is that addictions come in all forms and should all be treated with the same amount of care and attention.


What are the signs of an addiction?

There are many signs you can look out for when assessing whether you or a loved one is experiencing an addiction. For example, is the issue becoming so excessive that it’s getting in the way of your everyday life? Are you having troubles with your relationship or work life because of it? We tend to find that these are the problems most people face when dealing with addiction and this can cause serious mental health issues. This is why we also treat anxiety and depression as these conditions can be developed from an addiction.

Mental Health issues can not only be caused by addictions but can also be the instigator in the development of an addiction. If you are feeling stressed from work or having troubles with your marriage the thought of getting drunk to forget about your troubles probably comes to mind or the euphoric feeling that some drugs have could convince you to use drugs to forget about your issues. This feeling that these substances provide is seen as a quick way of escaping from the phycological issues you may be experiencing but from our experience substance abuse just makes things a lot worse. If this applies to you then you may want to get help before your addiction spirals out of control, this is why we decided to create a centre in Spain as well as the UK as it gives you the chance to get away from the environment which will be fuelling all these problems.


How can I treat my addiction?

The most common treatment for addiction is rehabilitation, Step 1 Recovery can provide effective rehabilitation programmes that are designed to help you live a full life free from whatever addiction you may be experiencing. Our holistic approach to addiction treatment takes into account realistic goals that you are able to achieve as well as incorporating well-known methods such as the 12 step programme, a complete detox and different therapies aimed at healing the mind and body.

By the end of your treatment, you should be completely aware of your addiction and the triggers which start it, by knowing the cause of your addiction this can help you be aware of any signs of relapse and put in place methods that we will have taught you during your stay.

Once you leave the Step 1 Recovery Centre this is not the end of your journey, you have to go back into the environment which caused your addiction in the first place and this is never easy. This is why we have a dedicated aftercare team who will be checking in with you after your time with us and are only a phone call away if you are experiencing any signs of a relapse and are struggling to deal with the temptations.


Why Step 1 Recovery?

Along with our many UK centres, we also offer a unique opportunity to receive treatment at centres in locations across Europe such as Spain. By travelling abroad for treatment you will be able to enjoy the sun which comes with many health benefits on the mind and body along with giving you the chance to get as far, far away from the harmful distractions you will be experiencing at home.

The location of all our centres is far from the noise and distractions that come with a typical person’s everyday life. We have luxury facilities that will help you relax in the comfort of the sunny climate, all while receiving treatment from experts in rehabilitation and recovery.

Whether you are looking for drug or alcohol rehab or treament for a mental health condition, contact a member of our team for more information, start you road to recovery now!


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