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Cocaine Rehab

What is Cocaine Addiction?

Cocaine takes the form of a loose, fine white powder that is typically snorted by the user after they have split it into thin lines for nasal ingestion. Some users also inject heroin by mixing it with water to create a solution. It can be smoked as an alternative, which can lead to breathing and lung problems.

Cocaine users generally experience feelings of increased confidence, excitement, animation and happiness, as the drug is a stimulant. Once snorted, it can take up to 30 minutes to take full effect, although this will depend on the purity of the substance, as completely pure cocaine is very expensive to obtain so many users use a blend of cocaine mixed with another, cheaper drug.

The positive buzz experienced by the user is short-lived, with many users reporting an 'up' feeling for up to half an hour. For this reason, repeated use of the drug is required for the 'high' to have a longer lasting effect. With prolonged use, cocaine can have several damaging effects on the body.

If yourself or a loved one is dealing with cocaine addiction, our rehabilitation centre at Step 1 Recovery will be able to help. We have a compassionate approach to cocaine addiction which involves holistically-based therapies and mindfulness activities that can help individuals recovery and live a life free from drugs. Get in touch with our team now to discuss treatment options and find out why we are the right addiction center for your long term recovery from substance abuse.

Cocaine rehabilitation with us

The first action we would take when receiving rehab treatment would be to have a pre-admission assessment which involves discussing your cocaine addiction in as much detail as possible in order to determine its severity. Many are often surprised to hear that you do not have to be a daily cocaine user to be considered an addict.

In the discussion we will talk about the feelings you exhibit after taking the drug and how it has effected your everyday life and those who are most closest to you. The pre-assessment which is undertaken by one of our therapists will talk about your treatment plan and how it is bespoke in order to suit your individual needs. If this isn’t the first time you have experienced addiction treatment then we will also discuss how the last treatment went so we can evaluate what methods you have tried and if any have worked or failed.

When you are staying with us short term or long term we will make sure that you receive the best quality of care during your stay. We work hard on trying to make our centre as welcoming as possible in order to feel like a ‘home away from’. Our staff work will help you feel as safe and healthy as possible while giving you the tools needed to overcome your cocaine addiction for good.

There are various ways we can help rehabilitate you from cocaine addiction – they are:

  • Family therapy: This form of therapy is your chance to fully open up about your addiction with your loved ones and discuss what triggers the addiction and how it effects your family. This is an effective method for people who may not be comfortable with one to one counselling and would like support from their family and friends.
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy: This is an intensive therapy session in which we change your attitudes towards cocaine and they way you think about the drug. This will lead to positive thoughts of life without using cocaine. You will receive constant support throughout any thoughts of relapse.
  • Group session therapy: With this kind of therapy you can talk to others at the centre who have also experienced or are recovering from cocaine addiction, so you can learn from their insights. It also allows you to share your thoughts on your own addiction. Talking to others is a great way to release negativity and to encourage positive feelings that will help you on your journey to recovery and reach your goals. You will be accompanied by a friendly and supportive member of staff at all times.

We want your rehabilitation from cocaine addiction to be fulfilling as possible so that when you finally become clean and are ready to set foot back into everyday life you can do so with the positive feeling of achievement. Our experienced team have years of collective experience in planning successful detoxes that help and support individuals who want to recover from their cocaine addiction. The guidance we can give throughout your specially designed rehab programme is focused on healing your mind and body through holistic based practices, giving you the best chance of quitting cocaine abuse for good.

At Step One, we use strictly evidence-based treatment for Cocaine Addiction. Using ideas founded by the likes of Cocaine Anonymous who formed the foundation for extremely effective 12 step programs which have been responsible for treating a vast number of individuals that are addicted to cocaine worldwide.

We are based in the sunny climate of the Costa Blanca, the offering of a Spanish centre is unique and very beneficial to our healing process as spending time in a warmer climate can help in the healing of the mind and spirit. Our peaceful retreats in the UK and Europe are focused on making your stay with us as comfortable and relaxing as possible. We encourage activities such as counselling, yoga and medication which are designed to help heal the mind so you can focus on relaxing and recuperating.


Detoxification at Step One

During any drug rehab program, you will be required to go through a full detoxification to flush out all harmful toxins from your body. In this case, we will look at removing all traces of Cocaine out of your system before moving you onto the next stage of addiction recovery.

The detox stage of rehab is tough, with many individuals experiencing withdrawal symptoms that on most occasions can be minor but can also be quite severe, this is why you will have access to 24 hour care during your time with us.

Prescription medication such as Buprenorphine and Naltrexone can be provided by our medical staff to help stabilise withdrawal symptoms and prevent the risk of a possible seizure.

Our cocaine rehab staff

The team of staff we have put together at our centre are here to help at all times. They will give you the support and advice needed to successfully heal your addictive behaviours and put you on the path towards long term recovery. At Step One Recovery, we like to be as sympathetic and caring as possible to ensure you never feel isolated or unsupported during your stay with us, give us a call today to find out how we can help you on your journey towards a life without cocaine addiction.

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