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How long does rehab take?

The first thing to know about addiction is that each and every individual is different. Just because one program worked for you does not mean it will be of benefit to another. The same goes for the duration of the program, each is designed to help give the individual the best recovery treatment possible.


There are many different treatment programmes available, and while the core focus is the same, to understand and help heal someone’s addiction, they are often very different per individual and due to that each program and treatment method varies. Following the completion of a program does not mean that the rehab has been completed, recovery requires years of commitment and you must learn to live by certain rules and principles in order to maintain a healthy mind, spirit and body.

What length of programmes are available in rehab?

Generally speaking when treating an addiction the individual requiring treatment should be willing to attend a rehab facility for up to 6 weeks. In most cases this is the sufficient time required to understanding your addiction and taking the necessary actions to overcome it and stay happier in your day to day life.

This amount of time also allows therapists and doctors the required time to achieve a substantial change in the individuals thinking and actions. There is no quick fix or miracle cure, only your hard work and time will provide results.

If an individual has relapsed multiple times and/or has a chronic mental health or emotional issues, a longer period of rehabilitation may be necessary. Studies have found that individuals that attend programs in rehab for longer periods of time have a far better chance of making a full recovery.

Length of stay

It can be difficult to decide on how long you should stay for. Many people who suffer with an addiction have little to no knowledge of mental health issues and are always looking for a quick fix. However a quick fix is almost never an option. Many individuals need to get away from their everyday drudgeries and focus solely on recovery to make it work. It is not a process that can be or should be rushed.

When making the decision of going to rehab you should immediately consult with a professional, such as ourselves here at Step One Recovery. Your duration can always change depending on your progress and if our counsellors and therapists are sure that you no longer need their help then you will be advised to leave our establishment.

Of course it is up to you whether you leave or not, we can advise you but if you choose to stay that is perfectly acceptable. We want to make sure you are ready to get back to your day to day life before you leave us.

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