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Cocaine Addiction

Understanding cocaine addiction

Cocaine takes the form of a loose, fine white powder that is typically snorted by the user after they have split it up into thin lines for nasal ingestion. Other names for it include 'Crack', 'Coke' or 'Charlie'. Cocaine takes three forms – 'crack', 'coke' and 'freebase'. Crack can be lumpy in consistency, while coke is much finer and looser. Freebase takes the form of a crystallised powder. Some users also inject heroin by mixing it with water to create a solution – this goes into the bloodstream more quickly as it is a more dangerous way to take the drug. It can also be smoked, which can lead to breathing and lung problems.

As cocaine is a stimulant, it often gives the user a feeling of a 'buzz', and they generally experience feelings of increased confidence, excitement, animation and happiness. Some people have negative feelings of anger, arrogance and agitation when taking cocaine. Once snorted, the drug can take up to 30 minutes to take full effect, although this will depend on its purity. The positive buzz experienced by the user is similarly short-lived, with many users reporting an 'up' feeling for between 20-30 minutes. For this reason, increased and repeated use of the drug is required for the 'high' to have a longer lasting effect.

With prolonged use, cocaine can have several damaging effects on the body. If you have a heart condition or hypertension (raised blood pressure), you could be at risk of suffering fits from repeated use. It can also cause complications for women trying to get pregnant or those who are currently pregnant, with damage caused to the unborn child. One of the most common problems users report is damage to the skin on the nose that lies between the nostrils (known as a deviated septum). In extreme cases, this skin is damaged completely so there is no cartilage between the nostrils. Mixing cocaine with alcohol or other drugs such as heroin (known as speedballing), can prove fatal.

If you or if you think someone you love might have a cocaine addiction, we can help at our rehab centre at Step 1 Recovery. It is sometimes hard to accept or get a loved one to accept that they have a drug problem, and anyone can become addicted to cocaine, regardless of their background or age. We have a compassionate approach to cocaine addiction treatment that involves mindfulness and holistic therapies, and can help you or a family member to recover and live a life that no longer involves drugs.

What signs should I look out for?

Users of cocaine report physical symptoms of an increased heart rate and body temperature, with a suppressed appetite. It can also make you feel sick, anxious, over-confident, excited, ultra-alert and paranoid. It can also increase the libido in the short-term, so some users take it to heighten sexual pleasure, although long-term the drug can make the user less interested in sex.

Cocaine use is most visibly noted through different behaviour to that normally seen in a person's character. You may notice changes in behaviour that include risk-taking, over-confidence, being overly talkative and discomfort/feeling edgy. For example, some users have reported feelings of being able to fly and/or the drug giving them the impression that they are experiencing intense amounts of power within them.

If you or your loved one has been exhibiting such symptoms, we can help. At Step 1 Recovery, we can tailor a cocaine addiction treatment package that is bespoke to you, helping you to finally break free from your habit.

How we treat cocaine addiction

Our professional team are very experienced in planning detoxes that help and support those that want to emancipate themselves from cocaine addiction. We can give you effective guidance through a bespoke programme that focuses on healing your body, mind and soul with holistic practices, helping you to walk away from cocaine abuse for good. We can offer a long term solution to your problem, and help you to understand why you may be an addict, whilst providing you with compassion and the determination you need to succeed. We are based in the sunny Costa Brava – a relaxing haven in Alicante where spending time in a warm and nourishing climate can work wonders on both mind and spirit.

When we first begin to work with you we will discuss your cocaine addiction in detail to determine its severity, as many users can become dependent on the drug. Many are often surprised to hear that you do not have to be a daily cocaine user to be considered an addict. We will focus on the way the drug makes you feel, and the way it has affected your health, personal life and job. You will be assigned a therapist who can give you 24/7 support and talk you through your bespoke treatment plan.

Successful therapies that work on cocaine addiction include speech or talking therapy, otherwise known as cognitive behavioural therapy, family therapy (in which your loved ones are involved in your rehabilitation), and/or other incentives via a rewards system that can give you the determination to succeed.

We want your rehabilitation from cocaine addiction to be as comfortable and enriching as possible. Our stunning retreat at the La Paz centre has been designed to give you the very best in luxurious comfort while you recover in the Spanish sunshine. We encourage mindfulness activities such as meditation, counselling and yoga to re-adjust your mindset and help you focus on relaxation and recuperation.

Our staff

Our well qualified, helpful and supportive staff are why we have been able to successfully cure so many people of their cocaine addiction to live a drug-free life. All of our staff members are deeply passionate and committed in supporting their clients at all times. We select our team for their experience and dedication to addiction therapy, as well as their sympathetic and positive approach to getting you back to being yourself. All of our staff exercise the utmost discretion at all times, as well as understanding. Reach out to us today to find out how we can help you or someone you love with a determined or suspected cocaine addiction.

Meet The Team

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