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Heroin Addiction

Heroin is classed as an opiate drug and is produced from poppy plants. The typical look of Heroin is that of a whitish brown or just a brown powdered substance. Users of the drug will either inject it after mixing with water or smoke the drug. Heroin is also classed as a painkiller due to it being created from morphine and it is also used by hospitals when carrying out treatment with the medically given name for the drug being 'diamorphine', the drug is used all over the world for treating sleeplessness and severe pain. This also explains its severe depressant properties, meaning that the user experiences an extreme state of relaxation, as the drug alters chemicals in their brain. It also stops any feeling of pain by giving a numbing affect that is seen as a euphoric feeling by the user. This can be very dangerous as its effectiveness in stopping pain hides other symptoms that the user may be suffering due to an underlining condition.

Heroin addiction affects around 9 million people worldwide, with the drug being considered as highly addictive. The toll an addiction to heroin can have on an individual can be devastating with many individuals experiencing financial difficulties and relationship problems as a direct consequence of their addiction. As use of the drug becomes more frequent so does the users tolerance to the drug, meaning that in order to experience the desired effects that come with heroin use the user would have to increase usage of the drug.

The increased tolerance may also come with certain side effects such as weight loss, infections and bruising because of repeated injecting, loss of menstrual cycle (in women), and cuts/needle marks on the arms.

If you or a loved one are suffering from heroin addiction, our rehab centres at Step 1 Recovery can help. Accepting help for a drug problem can be hard, with the issue affecting everyone that surrounds an individual, but the fact is that drug dependency is more common than most people think and you are certainly not the only person going through the struggles of heroin addiction. We have an understanding approach when it comes to heroin addiction rehab that involves effective therapies focused on the mind, and can help yourself or a member of your family recover and life a life without heroin.

What are the signs of Heroin addiction?

Weight loss, constipation, tiredness, bruising are just some of the common physical symptoms of addiction to heroin along with other signs such as marks from needles on the skin, insomnia, damage to kidney, Pneumonia and Hepatitis B.

The drug also has a strong mental effect on the user, and associated symptoms include hopelessness and guilt, loss of judgement, depression, paranoia and disorientation. Behavioural problems that come with taking the drug can also cause issues to important parts of your personal life rendering you unable to work or receive education.

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms then seek help from rehab treatment provider like Step 1 Recovery. We can create a tailored heroin addiction treatment package to suit your needs and thus increasing your chances of successful recovery.

How we treat Heroin addiction

We have a professional team that are able to provide highly effective detoxification programmes that support those who want to completely remove heroin out of their system. It is during detox treatment that you will receive 24/7 care from our team to monitor any withdrawal symptoms that may occur while you’re not using the drug.

We are able to give guidance and support throughout the duration of your bespoke treatment programme which is focused on the best holistic based practices that are perfect for healing the body and mind for long term recovery from heroin addiction. The treatment offered at the centre is seen as a long term plan to successful addiction recovery and with the help and support of our friendly staff, you can be sure that you will receive all help needed to guarantee successful treatment. We are based in both the UK and the sunny Costa Blanca where spending time in a warmer environment can have a number of health benefits which includes aiding the healing of the mind and spirit.

Upon your discussing your admission into one of our centres we will first begin to talk about your addiction in detail in order to successfully evaluate its severity. We will talk about how much heroin you are using each day, whether there are other drugs you may be taking along with heroin, as well as how you feel your addiction has affected your life, health, job and personal relationships. We will also talk about previous drugs treatments you may have had, if applicable. You’ll be assigned a member of staff who can help you with your treatment and offer full-time support.

Together we will decide the best way to stop your heroin addiction. The first method is by switching to a substitute for heroin, like buprenorphine or methadone. This is helpful for extreme cases of addiction in which withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous to life. It is known as ‘maintenance therapy’ and allows to you have a controlled amount of a heroin substitute so you are no longer taking lethal amounts of heroin. The second method is a a complete detox, which follows the same route as the maintenance therapy method, but eventually weans you off of your heroin substitute so that you are eventually no longer using any drugs. It should be noted however that risk of fatality from overdose is much higher after having a complete heroin detox, as your body will have less of a tolerance to the drug. Taking into account our advice is very important in your recovery and therapy can help ensure you stay on the right path.

We want your time spent at one of our centres to be as inspiring as possible in order to show how good a life without dependancy to heroin can be. This is why our offering of treatment in Spain includes staying at a luxury retreat with high quality facilities as we want your time with us to be as relaxing as possible so you can focus on healing the mind and getting prepared for life without addiction. We regularly encourage activities that help heal the mind with meditation and yoga to being a great help in showing you how to calm the mind and take control of it. Similar techniques are also used at our UK rehabilitation centres which provide leading evidence based treatment programmes for addiction recovery.

Our dedicated and experienced staff

The team at Step 1 Recovery are here to give you maximum support on your journey towards recovery. You will have access to them 24/7 and they are extremely committed into helping you achieve the best possible version of yourself. Many of our staff are very expianced in dealing with heroin addiction treatment meaning that they will be able to give you the guidance and advice needed to maintain your recovery even after you leave our centre. Every member of staff at Step 1 Recovery have been chosen due to their overwhelming dedication and passion towards addiction recovery and they're fully committed into helping every individual achieve their goals and recover from their addictive behaviours.

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