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Client Journey

Step one of your journey

Once you have decided that you would like to let us help you, your initial feeling will inevitably be one of relief. You don’t have to cope with your problem on your own any more. Step one of the Step One Recovery programme has been completed.

The only thing left to do is get on a flight/car and head to Step One Recovery, if you are arriving via the airport, you will be collected by a free airport shuttle and we will look after you from there.

You can be accessing our treatment in London or Spain, all neccessary transfers will be in place for your safe arrival.

How we can help

We will help you make the necessary arrangements to get you to the centre, settled in and enrolled in your recovery. If your need is urgent, we can arrange for our chauffeurs to collect you from your home within a few hours.

  • We’ll help you with your travel arrangements or provide a chauffeur service.
  • From your initial enquiry, the admissions, treatment and recovery process will flow smoothly into one another.
  • If an intervention is required, we will guide you through every step.


If I have an assessment over the phone, am I obliged to receive treatment?

It’s up to you, whether you decide to book the programme we propose, but should you wish to, we will help you make all the preparations required to help you make the smooth transition from your current home and work obligations, to our centres in the UK and Europe..

What sort of information will I need to give?

We will need more details about the nature of your problem, how it’s affecting your life and any information you can give us about your medical and treatment history will also be extremely helpful. We will guide you through the whole process. All information given will be treated with strict confidentiality.

Will you help me make the necessary travel arrangements?

We can either make travel arrangements on your behalf, or help you get here by yourself. If you prefer it, our chauffeur service can pick you up from your home and bring you directly to the centre.

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