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Mephedrone Detox

Mephedrone, or known to many as meow meow is a class B drug highly abused in the United Kingdom. Although there are many dangers of using mephedrone, continuous substance abuse, leading to addiction is persisting. Like any drug addiction, consistent, high consumptions of mephedrone causes significant mental and physical disorders, with the possibility of becoming life threatening.

Side effects of significant mephedrone abuse include seizures, anxiety, paranoia and heart attacks. All life-changing disorders. Even small doses can negatively influence areas of a user’s life, health and future.

Are you currently experiencing side effects of using mephedrone? Are you concerned that your habit may become out of control? Do you struggle to get through each day without mephedrone? If so, it’s time to seek medically supervised support and rehabilitation to conquer your mephedrone addiction. Attempting to overcome an addiction alone is difficult. Without following proven treatment plans, long-term recovery is unlikely with the potential of a relapse.

Here at Step 1 Recovery, we can support you through our mephedrone rehab programme, helping you work through withdrawal symptoms, and disconnect any physical and psychological cravings. Step away from your everyday stimuli and give yourself the opportunity to life a drug-free future.

Detox treatments to diminish a Mephedrone addiction

If you are living with a mephedrone addiction, our detox treatments will help to diminish all ties you have with this substance. You may feel overwhelmed and doubtful that treatment will curb your cravings, especially if you’ve attempted to go cold turkey previously. However, our addiction treatments here at Step 1 Recovery are evidence-based, proven methods of helping those in need let go of their dependencies. No matter how long it takes, we believe in taking small steps, ensuring that both your body and mind have the opportunity to disconnect from mephedrone, and fully heal. We do not believe in quick fixes with short-term effects. Our mission is to support you to lead a long-term recovery. .

To begin your mephedrone detox, the first steps to take is to contact our expert team. Here is where our addiction treatments will be explained to you, along with taking your personal details. Questions considering your mephedrone addiction will be asked to gauge your level of dependency, along with your side effects. This assessment is completed to help guide our therapists when recommended the most appropriate detox treatments.

Whether your addiction is short-term, currently causing little side effects, or you have a chronic dependency, effecting every area of your life, our array of treatments can help. When completing a mephedrone detox, you will complete a number of psychological and physical activities to help slowly reduce any connections. Working on your mind, body and soul will help to rejuvenate you, while setting you up for a successful road to recovery. We believe in using holistic approaches to ensure that every area of you has time to heal.

Our addiction treatments include psychological activity such as therapy, group counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy. They are all in place to help lower your barriers, understand your connection with mephedrone, and promote positive thoughts regarding a drug-free future. Alongside working on your mental health, physical activity such as meditation will be recommended to help overcome withdrawal symptoms, promoting natural bursts of happy chemicals in your body. To ensure that your mephedrone detox is successful, a complete detoxification will be completed where our medical experts slowly reduce your intake, corresponding with your treatment schedule. All of the above treatments working together will slowly prepare you for a life without mephedrone abuse.

Alongside your mephedrone detox, we will prepare both you and your family (if given consent) for your return home. We will teach you coping mechanisms to help overcome any future mephedrone cravings, ensuring that a drug-free life is being lived. We believe that ongoing support outside of our rehab centre will help to maintain your recovery. Therefore, family therapy is highly recommended alongside your mephedrone detox.

The benefits of a Mephedrone detox

For those who complete our mephedrone detox, there are many benefits. Firstly, each step will help to diminish your mephedrone addiction, ensuring that all previous connections have gone. Our treatment programmes ensure that your body and mind work together to control your future thoughts on drug abuse. For many individuals who look to overcome addiction alone, getting that balance is difficult. Reducing doses without working on your mental health can cause instant relapses. Therefore, our combined treatment approaches set you up for success from the minute you walk through our Spain based centre.

Our team here at Step 1 Recovery are experienced in helping those with addictions overcome them through treatment. They each are certified in their specialised area, with a high success rate of positive client experiences. They will guide you throughout each step with a compassionate approach, ensuing that your needs and security are precedence. They will support you 24/7 until you feel mentally and physically ready to return home and progress a drug-free life. No matter how long it takes, they will provide a listening ear and a helping hand to overcome your mephedrone addiction.

If you have been living with a mephedrone addiction for a while, you’ll know how hard it is on your body. Our detoxification will leave you feeling reenergised, ready to start living before you return home. We will prepare and motivated you to continue working on yourself whilst curbing any future drug use. Dealing with a mephedrone addiction alone is difficult. Seeing your loved one suffering with a dependency is highly distressing. Whichever situation you are in, seeking support to acknowledge and overcome an addiction is vital for future quality of life. Here at Step 1 Recovery, we can help to minimise the damage by focusing on the positives and setting you up for a future without mephedrone.

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