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Executive Burnout Recovery Programme

Our approach to executive burnout recovery is perfect for corporate and executive clients requiring positive lifestyle changes with regards to substance abuse, or management of executive burnout, stress, chronic pain, or other mental health issues. Highly successful and motivated professionals are not immune to developing dysfunctional patterns of behaviour to cope with the demands of their roles.

Our approach to executive burnout recovery

Pressing business issues can be addressed during your stay. Even though recovery must be undertaken away from the usual workplace, we do understand that realistically, some business demands simply cannot be put on hold. Within the reasonable limits of the client being able to focus on their programme, without being distracted by pressing business issues, we can offer the following assistance:

  • A personal assistant
  • Business administration facilities such as a dedicated phone and fax line, conference call facilities, and broadband internet access.
  • Limited but regular contact with the workplace.

Our luxurious and private Mediterranean estate is the perfect place for you to take your first step towards executive burnout recovery and stress treatment.


I still go to work every day, do I need help?

Are you using substances to combat chronic pain, depression, anxiety or your inability to modulate your moods? Doing this can impair not only professional capacities, but also your relationships with colleagues and family members. If the quality of your life or relationships is suffering, you probably need help.

How much time will I be able to spend working?

Obviously, during the Step One Recovery programme, your treatment is our priority. If your work begins to interfere with your treatment, then the time spent working will need to be reduced.

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