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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Bath

Looking for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Bath? If so, our team can help.

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Bath Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

If you are looking for addiction help in Bath, get in touch today and we will find treatment near you.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Bath

Are you unsure whether your drug and alcohol consumption is resembling an addiction? While consuming high quantities of hazardous substances, it can be difficult to understand whether you’ve tipped the scales from abuse to addiction.

Yet, it is highly important to understand the potential dangers and future you could experience by avoiding your addiction and leaving it untreated.

To understand whether an addiction is present, reaching out for specialised guidance is advised to help you recover from substance abuse. If you believe that an addiction is developing under the surface, consider treatment through a drug and alcohol rehab in Bath or alternative residential treatments.

How to Gauge When an Addiction is Developing

Although a drug and alcohol addiction will affect everyone differently, there are some common signs and symptoms to look out for. Yet, the best way to gauge the severity of your drug and alcohol abuse is by honestly asking yourself the following questions:

  • Has your drug and alcohol consumption increased recently?
  • Do you use drugs or alcohol to cope with certain situations?
  • Are you experiencing any mental health issues, such as anxiety or depression?
  • Are withdrawal symptoms a common occurrence for you?
  • Have any family members or friends commented on your drug and alcohol use?
  • Are you finding it difficult to concentrate on life without drugs and alcohol?

If yes is your answer to many of the above questions, it is likely that physical dependence is starting to develop into a drug and alcohol addiction. In this case, it is vital to source addiction treatment. Although treatment can be offered for the most severe habit, the sooner you detect your addiction, the less time, energy and money will be required to fully recover.

When to Source Professional Addiction Help

Many individuals who struggle with drug and alcohol consumption will also believe that rehab treatment is an unnecessary step to take. They either believe that addiction treatment won’t work, usually down to previous failed attempts, believe that stopping alone is easy, or live through denial.

However, it is important to remember that no matter the previous experiences you may have had with addiction recovery, professional help will provide opportunities to rehabilitate. It’s also vital to remember that recovery isn’t easy. For some living with less severe substance abuse, withdrawal may be shorter or easier to cope with. However, for those with severe drug and alcohol addictions, leading treatments will be required over a focused period of time to fully diminish physical and psychological dependence.

Although there isn’t a perfect time to complete addiction recovery, if you’re currently considering it, the sooner you act, the sooner you’ll experience sobriety. With professional support, addiction can be conquered. However, to begin this process, you must commit to a time of rehabilitation – consider Step 1 Recovery if you seek drug and alcohol rehab in Bath.

Finding a Specialised Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Bath

If you live in Bath and feel ready to commit to drug or alcohol rehab, there are many treatment options to consider. For individuals suffering from a mild form of addiction, outpatient treatment can be completed. This will usually be provided from a drug and alcohol rehab Bath or the surrounding area.

Although this option will be favoured by most, for the best recovery outcome, here at Step 1 Recovery, we promote residential rehab programmes. By relocating to a rehab centre further away from Bath, you’ll receive high-quality and concentrated addiction treatment to tackle your habit.

We will provide a personalised treatment programme to tackle each area of addiction which is impacting your life. Whether that’s a physical dependence or a deeper psychological behaviour, we will work with you to overcome it.

Alongside the leading addiction treatment we provide, moving away from temptations and influences in Bath will improve your recovery chance. Attempting to focus and recover from a behavioural illness can be difficult in most cases, never mind while surrounded by current distractions. By considering residential rehab, you’ll experience the best possible rehab journey to diminish your drug and alcohol addiction.

If you’re unsure which treatment option you’d prefer personally, contact our team today. We will understand the severity of your addiction and help you to decide whether a drug and alcohol rehab in Bath will offer enough treatment for you.

Treatment Options Offered Through Residential Rehab

By opting for residential rehab, you’ll benefit from valuable treatment options, only available through professional centres. As touched on above, our addiction specialists will understand your needs greater, by merging our leading treatments to create a personalised plan.

A range of medical, psychological and social treatment options will be followed, helping you heal holistically. This treatment route offers great success for clients, by targeting each underlying issue. Additionally, appropriate treatments for a dual diagnosis can be received at rehab, helping to reduce any future drug and alcohol episodes.

Treatment Options Commonly Offered

  • A drug and alcohol detox programme: Here, clients will undergo a physical detox, helping to remove any toxins from the body. Withdrawal symptoms will be experienced, commonly difficult for clients. However, with our professional guidance, this time will be eased by combining alternative wellbeing services.
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy: Here our addiction counsellors will work on your psychological connection to drugs and alcohol. The key aim of this treatment option is to change your outlook on drugs and alcohol, along with diminishing your habitual behaviours.
  • Motivational therapy: Attempting to recover at rehab can be draining. Here our team will continue to inspire and motivate you through an array of strategies, helping you reach your end goal of recovery.
  • Support groups: Addiction can be a lonely time. By recommending social therapies, we help individuals understand the common steps experienced, along with promoting accountability.

Through this combination, and our coping mechanism classes, return home from rehab in Bath with a healthy, positive, and sober mind, body and soul.

Get in Touch with Step 1 Recovery

Although there are a number of outpatient treatments available in Bath, distance has proven to provide our clients with beneficial results. For some, a drug and alcohol rehab in Bath may offer recovery. However, for individuals with moderate addictions, we recommend residential rehab.

Reach out to our team to begin your own personalised treatment programme on +44 (0) 800 012 6006.