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An intervention will ease the admission of a loved one to our treatment centre, who is currently in denial about their condition, but a danger to themselves or others. When the client is brought to the centre our highly trained team will be able to provide the necessary support to bring about positive change to the client’s life with their consent.

How we can help

Our therapists can arrange an intervention over the phone, or by meeting in person to discuss the situation with the client and family members. Often when family members or loved ones sit down with the client and one of our personnel in a room, the realisation that the client doesn’t have to cope alone any more; that he or she has been hurting their loved ones, and that he or she is supported, is enough for treatment to be agreed.

  • Our professional team are highly experienced in successful interventions.
  • Intervention can take place over the phone or in person.
  • Interventions are reassuring not stressful.
  • Intervention flows seamlessly into admission and then treatment.


What is an intervention?

An intervention involves speaking to somebody in a clear, but respectful way about the destructive behaviour or attitude that their addiction is causing. The aim of the intervention is to change the mind of an addict from denial to acceptance of the problem, with a view to being admitted for treatment.

Are interventions unpleasant?

Interventions are necessary to bring about change. They can be emotional and uncomfortable, but a positive conclusion brings hope to all parties involved. Our intervention team are highly trained to perform in a very professional, persuasive and respectful manner.

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