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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Cheshire

Looking for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Cheshire? If so, our team can help.

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Drug And Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres in Cheshire

Are you looking for addiction treatment in Cheshire? We can help you at Step 1 Recovery - get in touch.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Cheshire

Are you searching for a drug and alcohol rehab in Cheshire or the surrounding North West region? If so, you’ve taken the first step to a positive, healthy future.

However, before jumping into addiction treatment, it is important that you consider your personal requirements, end goals and determination to diminish your drug and alcohol addiction. Of course, treatment will support individuals through the initial recovery process. However, if your aim is to remain sober long-term, there are further factors to consider; including the steps in place post-rehab to support you and the combination of unique treatments you’ll experience.

If you’re highly motivated to recover long-term, consider a short relocation to our rehab facility; helping you return home to Cheshire, ready to live with a new lease of life by completing industry-leading, residential treatment.

The Impacts of a Drug and Alcohol Addiction

If you are reading this, you’ve definitely taken the first positive step to reach recovery potential. However, for those still in denial, turning down rehab and intervention, time isn’t their friend.

The longer an individual consumes drugs and alcohol, the greater damage they are causing to their body and mind. Although minimal side effects may currently be experienced, without intervention, these small damages will result in larger, more dangerous illnesses.

There are many negative impacts of drug and alcohol addiction. From physical illnesses, reducing the body’s ability to function properly, to psychological disorders, causing anxiety, paranoia and depression, the possible impairments are endless. With this in mind, it is important that support through addiction is offered to everyone.

With the passion to share our specialised knowledge and support those in need, we can help individuals suffering from addiction see the damages, along with moving them through a time of rehabilitation.

Rehab Centres Local to Cheshire

If you’re suffering alone through a drug and alcohol addiction, seeking support through a top rehab should be your next step. For many individuals, finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Cheshire would be preferred; this is usually the most favoured angle when considering home comforts and support.

For some clients, outpatient support within the local area of Cheshire may be possible. However, for those living through a chronic drug and alcohol addiction, the recommendation to consider residential treatment will be made.

Although this will result in a short move from the North West Area, distance is highly important for those looking to rehabilitate. Time away from current influences will allow for focus to be placed on completing addiction treatment with ease while increasing susceptibility; helping to promote full recovery. This recommendation has served our previous clients well by boosting their long-term recovery likelihood substantially.

To discuss your personal circumstances, reach out to our team to gain an understanding of the best step moving forward; whether that’s outpatient treatment in Cheshire, or a residential rehab, suitable for substance misuse recovery. If it’s the latter, we can arrange each step for you, including transport to our rehab centre.

Our Residential Rehab Programmes

If selecting a residential rehab programme will benefit your recovery probability, here at Step 1 Recovery, we promote a personalised rehab journey.

We are fully aware that behavioural addictions and mental health issues affect individuals differently. With this in mind, we follow a personal, holistic route to addiction treatment, ensuring that each client’s journey is different.

By considering personal factors such as goals, the severity of a drug and alcohol addiction, existing health and the strength of a support network, we can devise the most appropriate treatment programme per client. Furthermore, this information will also help our specialists form the right level of support for you while completing your residential rehab programme.

For some clients, a hands-on approach is required, including greater psychological support. For others, less emotional support is required, where an independent approach will be offered. This tactic will ensure you have everything you need to rehabilitate efficiently while being away from your home in Cheshire.

Our team are equipped and exceeds care quality commission standards to ensure that our clients are safe, happy and healthy while completing their rehab programme in our centre. We will ensure that receiving treatment and the process you go through is appropriate for your needs, along with promoting a positive experience throughout; returning home to Cheshire, achieving your recovery aims.

Addiction Treatments Offered at Rehab

When completing a residential rehab programme here at Step 1 Recovery, you will experience our industry-leading addiction treatments, all designed with longevity in mind.

Common addiction treatments experienced in-house include drug and alcohol detox, cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational therapy, individual sessions and family therapy. For some clients, a detox will be one of the hardest steps, slowly reducing the consumption of highly addictive drugs and alcohol. For others, opening up and lowering their psychological barriers will be a challenge. Yet for each client, a combination of our medical, therapeutic and social treatment options will work effectively to diminish addictive behaviours.

To prepare you for a return home to Cheshire, relapse prevention classes will also be offered to help our clients create positive coping mechanisms. Likewise, sessions will be used to learn how to implement those coping mechanisms, helping you avoid any future drug or alcohol intake. Once you are ready to return home from rehab, if a comprehensive rehab programme has been completed, continuous support will be offered. This will include regular Alcoholics Anonymous sessions and support groups in your local area to help you maintain motivation; all keeping you on a steady, sober road.

Whether you are living with an addiction, such as a drug and alcohol dependency, or a mental health issue such as depression or eating disorders, our rehab programmes can help. Reach out to our compassionate team today to discuss your current needs. We will advise the most suitable steps moving forward to promote recovery; whether that’s a residential rehab programme or consistent outpatient services.

Increase your long-term recovery rate by avoiding drug and alcohol rehab in Cheshire. Provide yourself with the distance to rehabilitate and realign your mind in peace. Call us today on +44 (0) 800 012 6006 or use our online contact form.