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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Belfast

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Belfast Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Belfast

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Options in Belfast

If you think you have a problem with alcohol or drugs and want to change your life, then you may be considering drug and alcohol rehab in Belfast. The number of people with addictions has increased in recent years, with a large number of people with addictions in the Belfast area, and this means it can be difficult to find the help you need.

That’s why Step 1 Recovery offers a comprehensive range of addiction treatment from our clinics across the UK and Spain, and many clients travel to us for rehab in Northern Ireland to get their lives on track.

Skip the Waiting Lists for Addiction Treatment

The HSC often has long waiting lists for those seeking drug and alcohol addiction. A combination of lack of funding and rising addiction cases in Belfast means that it’s almost impossible to deliver excellent care to everyone who needs it.

That’s why so many people are now looking into private rehab for themselves or loved ones. While it might seem like a pricey option, think about the amount you spend on alcohol or drugs, not to mention the potential cost of losing your job or ending up in legal trouble because of your addiction problems.

Going to Private Rehab

Once you arrive at one of our rehab centres, you’ll undergo a full assessment of your mental and physical health as part of your admissions process. This is an important step when entering rehab clinics, as it means we can discuss your addiction, what treatment you’ve tried in the past and what you hope to achieve.

We’ll also start the drug or alcohol detox process, which many people find the toughest part of alcohol or drug rehab. It can lead to withdrawal symptoms, which can be unpleasant, but we can provide prescription medication if needed to make the process easier.

Step 1 Recovery offers a unique programme of addiction rehab that includes both traditional and holistic approaches. We know that addiction is a complex condition, so what works for one person might not work for another. That’s why it’s important that the plan is tailored to suit your needs.

Your programme will include individual therapy such as CBT, which has been shown to be effective in treating addictions, as well as group therapy with fellow patients in special, guided sessions. We also include a number of holistic therapies such as yoga, mindfulness and massage, which can help those with a drink or drug problem learn to relax and unwind without the use of substances.

Once you leave drug and alcohol rehab in Belfast, we want to ensure that you have an excellent support network and the tools you need to avoid a relapse. An important part of rehab treatment is education, where we’ll talk about how to spot the signs of a relapse and ways that you can avoid temptation.

We also offer 12-months of free aftercare as part of our programme, so you can stay in touch with those who you made connections with during rehab treatment. You may also want couples or family therapy, perhaps with a particular family member, friend or loved one who you felt you harmed through your addiction. We can discuss these options when you’re close to the end of your treatment programme.

Choosing a Residential Rehab Clinic

While you may specifically be searching for drug and alcohol rehab in Belfast, there are many advantages to undergoing a rehab programme somewhere away from home. Many people with addictions report a negative cycle of behaviour where they feel more and more depressed and helpless, which makes them need drugs or alcohol more.

There may also be people at home who negatively influence them, for example, friends or family members who also have addictions, so it makes sense to spend time away from them.

Another reason to choose Step 1 Recovery is because of the great locations available. Why go through drug and alcohol rehab in Belfast when you can complete it in the sunshine? Our European centres offer a comfortable and luxurious environment, with private rooms and beautifully designed facilities. While therapy is intensive, there will be time each day for you to get some fresh air and sunbathe, ensuring you return home feeling relaxed and revitalised.

Sadly, there is still a stigma around rehab, as many people don’t like to admit they have a drug or alcohol addiction, so going abroad is a good way to ensure discretion during your stay. You’re unlikely to bump into anyone you know in locations such as Spain or England, and if you need a good alibi, you can simply tell people you’re on an extended holiday. You’ll no doubt return home looking well-rested and with a healthy glow, so it won’t be hard to believe.

If you’re looking for rehab in Belfast and would like to find out more about undertaking treatment overseas with Step 1 Recovery, all you need to do is pick up the phone and call +44 (0) 7914 760631 to start your journey.

Get Addiction Help Today

When someone finally admits that they have a problem, it’s important to get them help right away. A delay in entering drug or alcohol rehab can mean that their problems worsen and can lead to all sorts of health problems. Whether it’s for yourself or a family member, friend or employer, call Step 1 Recovery today to find out about treatment options.

We can carry out an initial assessment on the phone to see if drug and alcohol rehab in Belfast might be right for you, and can make arrangements from interventions to transport. Based in locations across the UK and Europe, we can provide treatment at a location that suits your requirements – just get in touch today.