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Crack Addiction

Understanding Crack Addiction

Crack, a form of cocaine and commonly known as crack cocaine, is an illegal, dangerous substance, commonly smoked or injected by users. It is usually created by mixing baking soda with ammonia, until it forms a white, powdered drug.

With its history of providing users with short-lived effects, generally influencing a euphoric feeling, crack abuse has continued to grow across the UK. Inducing the happiness chemical of dopamine, habitual behaviours set in, causing greater crack cravings to avoid withdrawal symptoms. With its short-lived effects, more and more individuals are looking to prolong measures, resulting in crack addiction and the potential of a future overdose.

Like any drug addiction, long-term use of crack can cause both physical and mental health disorders, along with negatively effecting quality of life, relationships and capacity to work. Therefore, if you or someone you know is living with a crack addiction, now is the time to seek support and addiction treatment. From support groups to rehab centres, there are many options available for those seeking addiction treatment.

Here at Step 1 Recovery, we can help you disconnect from cravings, with the aim to live a crack free future.

How we can support you through your Crack Addiction

Living with a crack addiction can be difficult. Difficult for those personally using, along with those who surround them. That is why here at Step 1 Recovery, we offer residential treatment for those suffering with a crack addiction. We understand how important it is to be removed from any cravings and external stimuli’s and undertake treatment to disconnect your habitual behaviours. We are a home, helping you feel comfortable while you work on your recovery.

No matter how severe your crack addiction is, we will cater to your needs through our treatment services, offered at our luxury Mediterranean estate setting. We help to heal your mind, body and soul through holistic support.

From your initial consultation with our empathetic expert therapists, you will receive full support to help you overcome your drug addiction. For peace of mind, please be reassured that our team are non-judgemental, passionate about supporting you through your recovery. Once we have listened to your needs, understanding where your crack addiction has stemmed from, we will discuss the opportunity to attend our residential rehab centre.

If our Step 1 Recovery rehab centre is for you, we will create a personalised road to recovery, taking a number of our treatments into consideration. Treatments will include drug detoxes, along with therapy and meditation sessions, helping to release both psychical and psychological ties to crack cocaine. We will teach you coping mechanisms to work through any future cravings, inspiring autonomy within our clients.

Our expert, multi-disciplined team will ensure that your experience is positive, providing guidance and support, helping you change your outlook on crack use. Whichever drug you may be addicted to, detoxification will result in side effects. By attending our drug rehab centre, you will be in safe hands to slowly detach yourself from your crack addiction, while working through those withdrawal symptoms. Side effects can include mood swings, fatigue, depression and even suicidal thoughts. Therefore, attempting to reduce your crack addiction alone isn’t recommended.

Once we’ve worked through your tailored recovery programme, our aim is for you to leave our rehab centre feeling free and disengaged from your crack addiction. Our mission is to help you return home with a refreshed perspective and new skills to help you thrive through a drug free life.

Our Step 1 Recovery Centre

Alongside supporting those with a crack addiction, we offer treatment and guidance for a variety of dependencies at our centres in the UK and Europe. From alcohol dependencies, to depression, we have tailored treatments available to support all addictions.

From guiding those requiring an intervention, to organising travel arrangements, we ensure that every touchpoint you have with our team is smooth sailing. We understand that living with an addiction is distressing, therefore, we will ensure that you are looked after throughout your Step 1 Recovery journey. We can work to your time scale, moving you from an initial enquiry, straight through to your admission treatment, progressing you towards effective revitalisation.

Our specialised team are on hand to provide a safe haven for recovering addicts looking to make positive steps to rehabilitation. From your initial assessment, we will treat you as an individual, moving you through each step of our rehab programme. Treatments include physical classes such as yoga, straight through to mindfully focused therapy and meditation sessions to stimulate an all-round recovery process. We will cater treatment selection based on your needs, timescale and addiction severity to ensure that effective options are implemented.

Along with our specialised holistic programme, we offer 24/7 support for those with addictions, along with their families and friends. Here at Step 1 Recovery, we understand how a dependency, such as a crack addiction not only has an impact on the user but also has an effect on their support network. With that said, we will offer guidance and therapy sessions to help your loved ones understand the process you are going through, along with mechanisms to help you maintain a drug free life.

Whether your crack dependency has just started, or you’ve been living with this addiction long-term, identifying that an issue is present is the first positive step to take.

If you are concerned that visiting our UK or Spain based rehab centres will put your outside life on hold, please do not worry. Whether you’re a professional or not, all details will be kept confidential, and you will be provided with the ability to stay connected with your work. We will only aim to remove you from any negative connections concerning your addiction.

If you are looking to take the first step in the right direction to overcome your crack addiction, contact our specialised team today on +44 (0)7914 760 631 or submit our contact form and we will get back to you.

We are here to support you with our evidence based, life- saving and changing addiction treatments. Give yourself the opportunity to live a drug-free life today.

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