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Painkiller Rehab

Painkillers either prescribed or purchased are one of the most popular drug addictions in the UK. Usually recommended to help reduce physical and psychological pain, a stated dosage per individual will be communicated. However, for those using painkillers over a long period of time, tolerances can increase, leading to higher doses, ultimately developing to a drug dependency.

Most painkiller addictions begin innocently. The usual scenario includes an individual taking painkillers to curb any discomfort. However, as the body gets used to a consistent consumption, less effect occurs. With greater need for comfort, greater doses are taken, leading to a painkiller fixation.

Although painkillers may not be classified as dangerous when comparing to the likes of cocaine and crystal meth, high consistent consumption can lead to mental health and physical disorders. Not to mention the usual effects addiction has on an individual’s quality of life.

Are you or a family member suffering with a painkiller addiction? Has an innocent prescription developed into drug abuse? Are you experiencing withdrawal symptoms between doses? If so, to protect your own future, painkiller rehab will be recommended.

Here at Step 1 Recovery, we help you acknowledge your painkiller addiction, while working through an individual treatment plan to help you recover from your dependency. We offer comfort, safety, evidence-based treatments and credible experts to help you along your journey to a drug-free future.

Rehab for those addicted to painkillers

Have you previously considered rehabilitation, however concerned that recovery from your painkiller addiction will be impossible? Wondering how you will go each day without consuming painkillers? Here at Step 1 Recovery, we will provide you with the tools to overcome your addiction and set strategies to help you move forward from this distressing time.

If you would like to discuss our individual rehab programmes, feel free to contact our team today. They will assure you that our painkiller rehab programme will support you to recovery.

If you are ready to kickstart your journey to a drug-free life, the first step will be to complete a quick phone assessment. This provides our team with appropriate information to create the best treatment plan for you.

They will get to know your story, your addiction to painkillers, the way they make you feel and the effect this episode has had on your life. If you feel uncomfortable discussing your addiction, do not worry. Our team are compassionate and understand how difficult living with a painkiller addiction is. They are passionate about supporting you to recovery.

Once a personalised painkiller rehab plan has been created, your addiction treatment here at Step 1 Recovery will begin. We believe in consistent treatment, ensuring that your addiction slowly begins to diminish. If you are looking for a hard-hitting cold turkey approach, we do not follow that strategy here due to the potential of future relapses. However, if you are looking for 24/7 support until you’re ready to return home, we are here for you.

Your painkiller rehab plan will include a mixture of treatments to diminish both mental and physical links you have to prescribed drugs. We promote holistic therapy, ensuring that every part of your mind, body and soul is prepared for a future without painkiller abuse.

From individual and group counselling sessions, to cognitive behavioural therapy, you will undertake a number of psychological treatments. They are recommended to break down your barriers, whilst envisioning a positive future without painkillers. We can then help you take those steps to live a drug-free life.

Alongside working on your mental health, we will promote physical treatments to reduce focus on your withdrawal symptoms. We will also teach you ways to create a natural buzz going forward, rather than depending on substances. To ensure that your body is ready for a drug-free future, we will also offer a detoxification.

This is where our medical experts will slowly reduce your painkiller consumption, until you a reach a point where neither your body or mind require them. Please be aware that completing a detoxification alone is dangerous, therefore always seek medical advice when concerning your addiction.

Once we believe that you are ready to lead a positive future without painkillers, we will end your treatment and recommend a return home. However, prior to this, please be aware that we do recommend family therapy and copying sessions. This will ensure that when you do return home, your support network is strong, helping your recovery run smoothly.

Our Step 1 Recovery Rehab Services

Alongside our great success rate through treatment, we do believe that the whole experience you have here at Step 1 Recovery influences your future recovery. With that said, we offer an array of services to ensure that you are comfortable, relaxed and safe.

When completing your painkiller rehab or treatment for further addictions, we offer meditation classes, reiki and massages treatments to eliminate any negative toxins, personal training and mindful sessions. We believe that our additional services complement our painkiller rehab programme well, whilst continuing to work on your mental health.

We will also provide you with other general areas of support including our chauffeur service, business service to help your professional life outside of the centre continue, and even beauty treatments to help you feel refreshed. We’re not just a clinic. We are a home from home providing you with a taste of luxury, whilst delivering the tools to conquer your painkiller addiction.

If you believe that moving away from your everyday influences and visiting our drug rehab centre will benefit you, contact our team today on +44 (0)7914 760 631 or alternatively, fill out our contact form and we will get back to you.

Any form of addiction shouldn’t be worked on alone. Whether you or a family member is experiencing symptoms of painkiller abuse, it’s time to seek expert and medical support. Give yourself the opportunity to live the life you deserve by diminishing your drug habits today. The longer you leave it, the more damage you are causing both mentally and physically, leading to a greater rehabilitation process. Get in touch today with our addiction experienced experts, passionate about helping you recover.

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