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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Newcastle

Looking for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Newcastle? We can help.

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Newcastle Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centres

We have numerous options for drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Contact us today.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Newcastle

When looking to fully rehabilitate, our private UK-based facilities are among the best available in the country. For some suffering through a drug and alcohol addiction, a lack of local specialised support may be available.

Similarly, for other addicts, negative connotations and legislation may be linked to substance abuse, making it difficult to speak up and reach out for addiction treatment.

With this in mind, visiting a UK-based rehab facility, like here at Step 1 Recovery, is viewed as an effective rehab route for many. By offering a safe haven to recover, while completing specialised addiction treatments, individuals in the Newcastle area are regularly choosing Step 1 as their first-choice rehab treatment provider.

If you’re searching for a drug and alcohol rehab in Newcastle yet are struggling with the lack of high-quality rehab facilities on offer, consider our CQC-approved centres. We can support you from your initial enquiry, from recommending the most appropriate treatment options to transporting you over from Newcastle.

Escape from your drug and alcohol addiction by visiting a highly sought-after recovery centre, helping you start your road to recovery.

Find a Rehab Facility Close to Newcastle

Are you finding it difficult to source specialised, highly focused addiction treatment through a drug and alcohol rehab in Newcastle? If so, do not worry, as this is highly common.

Sadly, local support can be difficult to source, especially when living with a chronic drug addiction or alcohol addiction. Likewise, when a dual diagnosis is present of a mental health issue, which is usually the case when considering substance misuse, accessible support again reduces significantly.

When considering long-term recovery, an advanced, comprehensive treatment programme is required. For most individuals, a cemented addiction is present, causing significant withdrawal symptoms. In this case, it is imperative that a hands-on approach to recovery is sourced.

However, before you believe that recovery is impossible, residing in Newcastle, full recovery is possible here at Step 1 Recovery. Our specialised rehab programmes carry high success rates when considering addiction recovery.

Our well-thought-out and leading addiction treatments are designed to tackle the most chronic drug and alcohol addiction. Likewise, our team of addiction counsellors have vast experience in mental health recovery, with the potential to promote healing properties for a dual diagnosis.

Our specialists, alongside our high-quality centres, can provide a home-from-home for clients. Our wellbeing and holistic approach to addiction treatment provides the optimal environment to diminish negativity while promoting a positive, sober future.

Before spending hours searching for a drug and alcohol rehab in Newcastle, reach out to our team to discuss your addiction further. Support and addiction treatment can be accessed immediately, helping you transform from today onwards.

The Value of Selecting a Residential Rehab Facility

If you’ve been lucky to source a drug and alcohol rehab in Newcastle, you’ve taken a great step towards recovery. However, to promote recovery probability which will last long into the future, completing a residential rehab programme will carry greater value.

At Step 1 Recovery, we understand the desire to recover from home, or from a local rehab facility. This is highly comforting, however, will only offer success for a small percentage of individuals. Recovering from a local rehab centre will work well for individuals who have control over their drug and alcohol addiction; this is usually the case for individuals with mild side effects.

Yet, for clients suffering from clear signs and symptoms of a drug and alcohol addiction, attempting to recover close to home will be a challenge. Initial addiction treatments may work however, the likelihood of future relapses will increase substantially.

To heal entirely, full focus is required on consistent addiction treatment, both physically and psychologically. In this situation, a comprehensive rehab programme will offer great value, providing access to around-the-clock care, guidance and treatment.

Likewise, providing yourself with privacy and head space, away from current triggers, will ensure you remain on your road to recovery.

Rehab can be difficult. Obstacles will be put in your way. Therefore, attempting to overcome these obstacles while surrounded by drug and alcohol triggers will push you a few steps back. Yet by overcoming these obstacles while completing a residential rehab programme, you’ll have the support and resources to hand to complete this with ease.

Return home to Newcastle with the opportunity to lead a positive, drug and alcohol-free future. Residential rehab will provide you with this chance to rehabilitate entirely. No matter how long it takes, our rehab facility can accommodate your needs, while providing a highly valuable experience.

Start Your Personalised Rehab Programme Today

If you’re keen to overcome your drug and alcohol addiction, start your personalised rehab journey today. At Step 1 Recovery, we fully believe in personalising treatment programmes for each client. This approach will ease the rehab process and increase comfort while advancing recovery probabilities.

Within your personalised rehab programme, you’ll receive a tailor-made treatment programme. This will be created by considering your relationship with drugs and alcohol, your health history, your recovery goals and if any connected mental health issues are present. From here, a number of our leading social, psychological, medical and wellbeing treatment options will be merged to ensure holistic recovery is likely.

Some of our leading addiction treatments include cognitive behavioural therapy, a drug and alcohol detox, support groups, wellbeing activities, motivational therapy and relapse prevention sessions.

This combination will help to work through your current side effects while preparing you for a future back in Newcastle. You’ll leave feeling prepared to live independently, once again controlling your life without drugs and alcohol.

Start your journey to recovery with our specialised support here at Step 1 Recovery. Reach out today to discuss whether a drug and alcohol rehab in Newcastle will be advantageous for you, or whether visiting our residential rehab will bring greater recovery rates.

Give yourself the best possible future by overcoming your drug and alcohol addiction entirely. Call us now on +44 (0) 800 012 6006 or complete our callback form.