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Mephedrone Addiction

Mephedrone, once a legal high in the United Kingdom has now become one of the most commonly used recreational drugs providing similar effects to ecstasy and cocaine. Although reclassified in April 2010 as a Class B drug, long-term mephedrone addiction has continued to significantly increase.

Belonging to the narcotics family, human consumption of mephedrone or meow meow as recognised by many is known to provide a euphoric feeling, however, it can cause serious health problems. Mephedrone addiction can lead to side effects such as overheating and cardiovascular problems, it is also known to seriously affect an individual’s mental health. This is dependant on the severity of the addiction, the amount consumed and an individual’s tolerance. The side effects of the drug will vary and can be very dangerous.

Addiction of any form can affect individuals from all backgrounds, therefore if you have a dependency on recreational drugs, such as mephedrone, now isn’t the time to be ashamed. Now is the time to acknowledge your addiction and work on your rehabilitation before greater disruptions are brought to your health and life as a whole.

We can help you disconnect from your dependencies and start to live the life you were meant to.

How we can support you through your Mephedrone addiction

Here at Step One Recovery, we understand how difficult living with a dependency such as a mephedrone addiction can be, and that is why we are on hand to support you or your loved one through this difficult time. Our multi-disciplined team of experts are equipped to provide you with compassionate care, along with support, guidance and treatment, up until you feel happier and healthier, ready to lead a positive lifestyle.

No matter how severe your mephedrone addiction is, we have the ability to cater to your needs through our tailored drug addiction treatment. This treatment focuses on releasing all ties to your psychological and physical fixations, moving you towards a drug free future.

Do you feel that escaping your mephedrone addiction is an impossible task? Sometimes, having someone there to listen is the first step needed to acknowledge and move on from an addiction. Our mission here at Step One Recovery is to listen to you, understand your current needs and create a road to recovery personalised to you. If you’re currently living with a mephedrone addiction or feel that this could be a possibility for you in the future, our support will help to change your outlook.

Our approach to dealing with addiction here at Step One Recovery

Alongside supporting those with a dependency on drugs, such as a mephedrone addiction, our Step One Recovery programmes are available to aid other addictions. From alcohol dependencies to anxiety recovery, our specialised team, along with our structured rehabilitation programmes are equipped to support and disconnect any long-term habits.

Although individuals may be categorised under a certain addiction stereotype in the outside world, here at Step One Recovery, we understand how every addiction or habit varies. Underlying reasons, external stimulations and a person’s requirements can all affect this. With that said, each one of our programmes takes our client’s needs into consideration, allowing for movement and change to occur when necessary. We listen to your story, treating every journey of addiction rehabilitation differently.

From supportive interventions to mindful activities such as meditation, all of our treatments are set to free any fixations. Depending on your addiction, a variety of different treatments/therapies will be selected to help free you from any negative thoughts/feelings, and promote a healthier, clearer mind.

The first step to take if you believe that yourself or a loved one is living with an addiction or a habit impacting quality of life is to contact our team.

From there, our team will help to understand your current circumstance. This will include understanding the nature of your addiction, your aim for contacting our centre, and the timeframe you have available. Please do not worry about being judged when speaking to our team. We are professionals in our field, passionate about improving your quality of life through recovery.

Once the nature of your addiction has been observed through our phone assessments, if visiting our Step One Recovery centre still appeals to you, arrangements will be made to begin your road to recovery. Throughout your experience, we will ensure support will be present, guaranteeing that every step you take moves you closer to a habit-free life.

The longer you live with a habit such as a mephedrone addiction, the greater impact it will have long-term on your mind, body, relationships and mind. If you are looking to take that first step to overcoming your addiction and turning your life around for the better, consider our Step One Recovery centre today. Contact our team for more information or request a call back to discuss your addiction in a confidential manner.

Our treatment for Mephedrone addiction

Our UK and Spain based recovery clinics are a safe haven for you. Moving you away from your day to day stimuli will support the beginning of your rehabilitation. From there, depending on your personal circumstances including the severity of your mephedrone addiction, one of our residential treatment programmes will be recommended.

The aim of our highly successful programmes is to help heal your mind and body, moving you away from old habits and removing you from the shackles of your mephedrone addiction. Within this programme, we will help you understand the underlying connection you have with drug use, followed by ongoing support to help you overcome your mephedrone addiction.

If you or someone you know is using mephedrone and are starting to become dependant on the drug, let our experienced, compassionate team help you through this difficult time. Addiction shouldn’t be conquered alone. Let Step One Recovery help you today by taking the first step.

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