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Codeine Rehab

Are you or someone you know living with a codeine addiction? Are you suffering with continuous side effects and withdrawal symptoms?

Opioid consumed prescribed drugs such as codeine are on the rise in the UK. Usually prescribed for mild to moderate pain relief, as tolerances increase, addictions are growing. Innocent consumption to tackle day to day injuries are developing into chronic codeine dependencies.

Harmless to those using recommended doses, yet dangerous to individuals using for longer periods, a codeine addiction can cause many physical and mental health disorders. If you are experiencing any negative side effects from codeine consumption or believe that an addiction is on the horizon for you, seeking a medically supervised detox will be recommended.

Here at Step 1 Recovery, we can help those suffering with codeine abuse tackle their cravings while visualising a positive drug free future. If you’re looking for codeine rehab support to overcome your drug addiction, contact our team today and let us help you with a Codeine drug rehab programme.

Treatments included at our Codeine Rehab

Whether you’ve been experiencing short or long-term side effects from codeine, seeking immediate support is recommended prior to causing any further damage. Here at Step 1 Recovery, we understand how easy becoming dependant on prescribed drugs can be. You may currently feel like an issue isn’t present, however, if you’re taking greater amounts surpassing your daily recommended dosage, considering a rehab programme should be on the top of your list.

If you are unsure whether a codeine dependency is present, and you would like to discuss your symptoms with an expert, our team are here for you. From this initial discussion, future steps to take will be recommended. For those with a codeine addiction, a phone assessment will be required to understand an individual’s addiction greater. This assessment will include a conversation regarding the severity of an addiction, the effects it has on a user’s life and surrounding family, along with their goal from attending a codeine rehab.

This assessment will then help our expert team create a personalised treatment plan to follow while visiting our rehabilitation centres. As every individual who enters our centre has differing needs and dependencies, we believe in creating unique recovery paths for each client.

Within your treatment plan, an array of methods will be recommended to help understand and tackle your mental and physical fixation to codeine. Below is a break-down of what you could expect to experience when looking to overcome a codeine addiction:

Physical treatments for a Codeine Addiction

To tackle your withdrawal symptoms at our codeine rehab, physical activity is recommended. This is found to help clear your mind, promote mindfulness, help with control and focus, along with motivating natural buzzes. Sessions may include yoga classes, personal training sessions and even massage treatments to release your toxins.

Alongside following your scheduled classes, our medical advisors will complete a detoxification. This is where your codeine dosage will be slowly reduced, corresponding with certain activities you complete. Please do not worry if you’ve attempted and failed to go cold turkey before and believe this will be the case here. We do not believe in quick fixes. That is why we recommend following a detox plan created by experts, to ensure that your codeine dependency is carefully reduced. This will be completed until you no longer require any amount of codeine.

Psychological Treatments for a Codeine Addiction

Alongside physical activity, psychological treatments will be offered to break down any barriers and get to the bottom of your codeine addiction. Treatments you will usually see at our codeine rehab include individual and group therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, and coping mechanism classes for future success.

All of the above are set in place to help you acknowledge your dependency, diminish negative thoughts, and create positive feelings regarding a future without codeine. Our psychologists will also help you overcome any mental health issues which have developed through using codeine. For many, anxious, depressive states set in when living with a drug addiction, therefore, we will provide stepping stones to work on these areas.

Depending on your circumstance, family therapy sessions will also be recommended to overcome your codeine addiction. These sessions will provide your family with an insight into your addiction, your requirements moving forward and how they can support you to avoid any future codeine cravings. We believe that a strong support network promotes greater recovery, therefore, these sessions are highly successful in helping you overcome your addiction.

By taking a holistic approach to rehab treatment, we are ensuring that all areas of your mind, body and soul are realigned, ready to take control of your life once again. Our aim is to ensure that you are detoxed, healed and prepared for a life without substance abuse.

Our Approach Here at Step 1 Recovery

Whether you are visiting our centre for codeine rehab, or have further addictions you would like to overcome, we offer 24/7 professional support. We understand that a road to recovery can be difficult.

Each step won’t be perfect therefore, we assure you that we will be available through both highs and lows of the rehabilitation process. We will work with you to celebrate those natural highs and use them as a motivation for future recovery. Likewise, we will work with you through the lows, ensuring that you are prepared if any future codeine relapses or cravings occur.

Our team are passionate, credible addiction therapists, nurses and psychologists, ensuring you are receiving the best care possible. We guide, we motivate, and we inspire those with life-threatening addictions through our life-changing treatments. We provide a home from home, where you’ll feel comfortable to let down the barriers, while moving through a journey of rehabilitation.

Working alone through a codeine addiction can be very difficult. Having expert guidance to move you through positive steps of recovery is recommended. If you believe that a codeine addiction is developing, consider our professional rehabilitation centre today.

The longer you live with an addiction, the more damage you are creating. Think about your future today and the new skills you can learn to transform your life, leading a drug-free future. Get in touch by contacting our specialised team on +44 (0)7914 760 631 or alternatively fill out our contact form and a member of our team will get back to you

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