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Ecstasy Rehab

Ecstasy, or known to many under the street name of MDMA is an illegal substance, commonly causing heightened senses for users. Additional effects include longer-lasting levels of energy and relaxation, with the potential of high doses leading to hallucinations.

Although to users, these immediate side-effects seem positive, ecstasy is classified as a scheduled 1 controlled substance, causing serious effects to mental and physical health. Not to mention the extreme lows experienced as withdrawal symptoms creep in, causing greater doses to be consumed. Here is where an ecstasy addiction can develop, having significant effect on a user’s capacity to live a high-quality life.

If you believe that yourself or a loved one is slowly becoming dependant on ecstasy, it’s time to seek expert help. Have you experienced any side effects of consuming ecstasy? Are your days controlled by ecstasy abuse? An ecstasy rehab programme will be recommended if consistent consumption is occurring.

When considering rehabilitation, it is important that you complete a programme offered by medical experts. Going from high consumptions of ecstasy to nothing is dangerous if uncontrolled by specialists. If you are looking for an expert ecstasy rehab programme with a great success rate, consider our addiction treatments here at Step 1 Recovery. We offer a holistic in-house approach to treatment, ensuring that you leave our drug rehab centre ready to lead a drug-free life.

We provide a home from home, offering comfortable, luxurious settings, providing you with the time to focus on yourself. We are passionate about following you on your journey to overcoming this difficult time of ecstasy abuse.

Our ecstasy rehab programme

Here at Step 1 Recovery, we believe in supporting our client’s rehabilitation journey, up until they feel ready to lead an ecstasy free life. Hoping to cure addiction quickly or alone is not recommended due to the potential of causing relapses long-term.

We help our clients by offering an array of evidence-based, tested treatments at our Mediterranean estate. Our aim is to move you away from external stimuli’s, while working on both psychological and physical connections you have to ecstasy. We believe that working on all areas of your addiction is important to build a stronger recovery process.

If you believe that yourself or a loved one will benefit from visiting our rehabilitation centre to diminish addiction, get in touch with our team to discuss treatments, or find out more below. If you are considering rehabilitation, take the first step and complete our phone assessment today.

This is where our expert therapists will listen to your individual story and gain an understanding of your addiction. This assessment will look into the severity of your ecstasy addiction, the amount you consume, the effects it has on you and the way it’s change your life. This will guide our team when creating your unique treatment plan to overcome your ecstasy dependency.

From here, an array of treatments will be offered to help you slowly overcome your addiction. Alongside our proven treatments, you will receive 24/7 support and guidance from our specialised team. They will ensure that you are kept on track to overcome your ecstasy dependency.

You will be glad to know that our team are all certified, with experience of helping those with an addiction. All have previously helped those with an ecstasy addiction leave our rehab centre leading a drug-free life.

From specialised psychologists and nurses, to highly experienced therapists, we have a wealth of knowledge to cater to your needs. If you are embarrassed or scared to acknowledge your addiction, please be assured that our team are non-judgmental, passionate about supporting you. Their aim is to use their skills and experience to help those in need transform their life for the better, by leading an ecstasy free life.

Treatments to overcome ecstasy ddiction

Alongside our expert team, our addiction treatments at our ecstasy rehab are what sets us apart from other UK and abroad centres. From working on your mental health issues caused by ecstasy abuse, to detoxifying your body from drugs, we will offer an array of carefully selected treatments.

We will firstly look at individual and group therapy. This will help to understand the deeper connect you have with ecstasy. We find that those who are happy to open up and discuss their experience progresses quicker through rehabilitation. Looking internally and discussing positive steps forward helps to realign mindset. From here, cognitive behavioural therapy may also be recommended to get change your perception of ecstasy consumption. Both of these methods will help to diminish the psychological cravings you have of ecstasy while preparing your mind for your recovery process.

Alongside working on your mental link to ecstasy, we will promote physical activity. This works well to reduce withdrawal symptoms by creating your own endorphins. To ensure that your fixation has diminished, a full detoxification will be offered to slowly reduce your intake. Paired together, all treatment will prepare you mentally and physically to live a drug-free life. To bring a level of control back to your life, we will also teach you coping mechanisms. These mechanisms will help you push through any potential ecstasy cravings or influences when you return to your day to day life.

Our full rehabilitation service will remain until you’re prepared to continue alone. Every individuals journey is different; therefore, we will listen to your feelings, whilst analysing your behaviour to ensure you are ready. Your safety is key to us therefore if we believe a relapse is likely on your return home, we will continue to recommend addiction treatment.

If you’re struggling to control your life down to an ecstasy addiction and would like to learn some new skills to help you live through a drug-free life, consider our rehab centre today. We will complete all treatments and teach you ways of overcoming any future negative episodes. Leave feeling energised, ready to live your life to the full. Contact our expert team today to complete your initial assessment and take the first step to a new future. +44 (0)7914 760 631 /

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