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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Cardiff

Looking for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Cardiff? If so, our team can help.

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Drug And Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres in Cardiff

If you're looking for help in Cardiff, we can help at Step 1 Recovery - speak to us today.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Cardiff

Throughout England and Wales, more and more people are becoming dependent on substances. Over half a million people are believed to be reliant on alcohol, and the statistics for drug addiction aren’t much better. Not only are illegal, Class A drugs ruining lives, but misuse of over-the-counter prescription medicine is also nearing the stage of the crisis. It has never been more important to seek drug and alcohol rehab if you’re suffering from addiction in the Cardiff area.

At Step One Recovery we have a number of rehab centres located nearby to help you overcome your addiction in Cardiff. We offer effective treatment options to patients suffering from many different types of addictions. Our tried and tested methods promise to help you recover from your addiction in luxurious, spacious surroundings.

Most people are aware of the difficulties facing the NHS. Council-funded rehab clinics are also suffering from government cuts. Seeking help through private rehab is the quickest and most comfortable way to overcome your addiction.

Reach out to us on +44 (0) 800 012 6006 and make that call. Face your fears. You are not the only one suffering from the grips of addiction and you can be cured.

We urge you to contact us today and take back control of your life again. Every day you delay it is another wasted day.

How Can Private Rehab Treat Your Addiction?

Many people think the costs of private rehab will be too much for them. In fact, our rates are incredibly competitive and excellent value for money. How much do you value your health and happiness? At Step One Recovery we believe that life is priceless. As well as helping you believe this, we’ll make you feel loved again and help you get that fresh start you deserve.

People suffering from drug and alcohol addiction believe they have everything under control. Even when they’re hiding their habits from family and friends, even when they reach rock bottom. It’s a powerful and complex disease which removes reason from all thought.

Very few people are able to face rehabilitation alone – your brain simply won’t allow it. The chemical reactions created by the substances above keep you reaching for more and chasing the next high. It’s an endless cycle of addiction without medical assistance and rehab clinics.

If you finally decide that it’s time to admit yourself to rehab, you might find a queue in front of you. You’re not the only patient in Cardiff looking for drug and alcohol rehab. By the time you’ve worked your way up the waiting list and seen a doctor, you may have changed your mind. Even worse, you could start a generic, all-encompassing rehab treatment which isn’t suited to you in any way. Instead of improving things, your symptoms will worsen and your fragile mental health will likely be affected.

Instead, why not ask about our private rehab rates? Instead of making a time-consuming mistake, you can have a telephone assessment with us on the very same day. You’ll then speak to experienced psychologists about the extent of your illness. We create individual, unique and specific plans for each of our patients. Since there are several different types of addictions, physical dependency and even differing withdrawal symptoms, we will create a unique recovery programme for each individual which is likely to bring success.

You’ll stay in luxurious accommodation. Our unique recovery programme, group therapy sessions and holistic treatments all help you to understand your illness and recover from it.

When leaving our rehab clinic, you’ll return to Cardiff drug and alcohol-free. But you won’t just leave and return to your old habits. You’ll know how to handle emotional triggers and challenging situations without reaching for substances. We provide you with a free aftercare plan and arrange regular check-ups to make sure that everything is okay. That’s the kind of service you can expect from our team.

How Does Holistic Treatment Work?

Holistic treatment is the core of our success at Step One Recovery. Drug and alcohol addiction are severe and complex illnesses. It’s unthinkable that a pill will ever be produced to rid your body and mind of this terrible disease. Instead, rehab treatment is needed to accept, understand and change your ways.

Our holistic treatments look at your overall well-being. This means that as well as reviewing the physical symptoms of your illness, your spirit and mind are explored and exercised as well. Our holistic treatments can be as simple as enjoying a balanced nutritious diet. For other patients, yoga and acupuncture can free the mind. During your sessions with our holistic treatment specialists, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your emotions and regain your confidence.

This type of treatment is especially effective in identifying the psychological reasons for your addiction. Once this becomes clear to you, you’ll be better equipped to deal with situations which, in the past, would cause you to turn to substances. Our holistic treatments clear your mind, remove stress and better prepare you for the challenge ahead. This specialised type of care sets us apart from other rehab clinics based in the United Kingdom.

Rehab with Step One Recovery

When you leave our drug rehab and alcohol rehab centre, you’ll be ready to start your life again. Addiction won’t be a confusing, depressing pit of despair. Instead, you’ll face each challenge in daily life with a positive, healthy attitude. You can get your career back on track, rebuild any damaged relationships and look forward to getting out of bed every day.

You’ll also leave our centre with an aftercare programme. Your recovery isn’t over the moment you leave our premises – you still have a lot of work ahead. Thankfully, you’ll know what that involves and how to face those challenges. Regular check-ups with our team will keep you on the road to a full recovery.

This is the life you can have. It’s within reach. Call us today on +44 (0) 800 012 6006 or complete our Contact Form below to arrange a free call-back. Your illness is not your fault – but refusing to seek help is.