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Crystal Meth Rehab

The effects of a crystal meth addiction

Crystal meth is one of the most dangerous drugs on the market, classified as a class A drug for its severe effects. It is a man-made drug, categorised under the methamphetamine substance family. It is known for its similar effects to cocaine, however has longer lasting influences creating great dependencies. For its effect of providing users with a false sense of happiness, higher doses are taken to prolong depressive withdrawal symptoms.

Excessive crystal meth abuse will lead to addiction, along with causing significant physical and mental health issues. Side effects of crystal meth include the possibility of strokes, heart attacks, paranoia, and anxiety, all having long-term effects on quality of life.

Are you experiencing any of the above side effects from crystal meth abuse? Are you concerned that your future could be controlled by a drug addiction? Do you struggle to go through a period of time without craving or consuming crystal meth? If you’ve answered yes to the above, it is highly likely that you have a chronic addiction, requiring immediate rehabilitation.

The longer you live with both a short-term or chronic drug addiction, the more damage you are causing to your overall wellbeing and life. To overcome this distressing time, consider crystal meth rehab today.

Completing crystal meth rehab

Whether you or someone you know is suffering with a crystal meth addiction, visiting our drug rehab centre will support you through this difficult time. Our inpatient treatments will help to work through your addiction, by understanding the psychological and physical connection you have to crystal meth. From here, steps will be taken to disconnect those dependencies, with the aim to live a drug-free life.

If you believe that you will benefit from rehabilitation, take the first positive step of contacting our expert team. From here, we will assess the severity of your crystal meth addiction, along with its effects on your health and quality of life. This information will then help our team create a personalised treatment plan to support you through your recovery.

Here at Step 1 Recovery we believe in holistic treatment. Firstly, to understand the underlying connect you have with crystal meth, counselling sessions will be offered. This will help our team to slowly reduce your barriers, with the aim to change your perception of drug abuse. From here, cognitive behavioural therapy will be recommended to motivate positive thoughts regarding your life.

This evidence-based treatment is selected for its ability to show you a life without your crystal meth dependency. To further strengthen your mindset and clear away your mental cravings, therapy sessions will be offered for both yourself and your family. This will help your loved ones understand your crystal meth addiction a little more, whilst giving them the opportunity to discuss their feelings towards this difficult time.

Opening up will allow for a stronger support network to be built for your return home. We will also include coping mechanisms to help you avoid cravings post rehab.

To kickstart the reduction of physical crystal meth cravings, a detoxification may be recommended. This is where our medical experts will begin to slowly reduce your crystal meth dosage, until you reach a point where a dependency is no longer present. This will help to diminish your cravings as you begin to focus on positive areas of your life.

Alongside working on the psychology behind your crystal meth addiction, physical activity such as meditation sessions will be offered. This will help to clear your mind, promoting mindfulness, while working on any mental health affects you may have experienced. Influencing natural happy chemicals, such as endorphins will help to overcome the withdrawal symptoms you begin to experience.

We will work with you and support you 24/7 until your treatment is complete and you feel refreshed and prepared to put your new skills into practice, ready to live a drug-free life. Attempting to overcome an addiction alone isn’t recommended due to the withdrawal symptoms throughout.

For a safe, positive experience, consider our crystal meth rehab here at Step 1 Recovery. We are more than a clinic. We are a home from home, making comfort a priority for our clients. We will ensure each person who steps through our doors experiences a positive journey, whilst leaving addiction free.

Support through our Step 1 Recovery Centre

Whether you are visiting our centre for crystal meth rehab, or for rehabilitation for any further addiction, we will provide support based on your personal requirements. Our expert team have the experience of helping those with addictions, offering guidance and life-saving treatment to promote a drug-free life.

Our expert team are made up of carefully selected medical professionals, addiction psychologists and certified counsellors, ensuring that you are receiving the best care. All are passionate about supporting your recovery, whilst changing your future outlook on crystal meth abuse. All also have experience of successfully helping normal people overcome chronic addictions, dependencies and disorders.

Therefore, you are in the best place with the best people to support you along your journey. We work compassionately here at Step 1 Recovery. We understand how difficult acknowledging an addiction, working through withdrawal symptoms and treatment can be. We appreciate that this is a distressing time for all involved, therefore, we will do our upmost to create a smooth experience throughout for you.

If you are looking to spend some time focusing on yourself while slowly decreasing your crystal meth addiction, an in-house rehabilitation programme will be recommended. Visit our luxury estate, where you’ll have the opportunity to move away from any influencing stimuli’s and focus on your recovery. Work on healing your mind, body and soul in a relaxing setting, helping you unwind and realign your mindset.

If you are suffering alone, contact our team today to discuss your requirements and complete your initial assessment. We can support you throughout your crystal meth rehabilitation. Take the first positive step to a healthy future by getting in touch. +44 (0)7914 760 631 /

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