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Cocaine Detox

About Cocaine Addiction

The white powder substance cocaine is one the most popular illegal substances taken by drug users, and a common drug that users seek drug rehab for. It is most commonly snorted after it is separated into thin, fine lines, although some users mix it with water to create a solution which is then injected. It is also possible to inhale or smoke cocaine, and even take it orally by rubbing it into the gum line.

Cocaine is a stimulant, and raises dopamine levels that increase feelings of excitement, confidence, self-assurance and happiness within just 30 minutes of the substance being absorbed by the body. These intense feelings of pleasure, excitement and a general 'buzz', wear off just as quickly, which is why the drug is frequently used again and again by users who want to repeat the perceived positive feelings they experience. 'Cocaine binging' happens when a user takes many hits of the drug in a short time period. Regular abuse of cocaine can do great harm to the body.

How do I know if I need a Detox from Cocaine?

If you or someone you know has observed the following behaviours, it is worth getting in touch with us at Step 1 Recovery to enquire about a cocaine detox.

  • Repeated use of cocaine, with a desire to quit the drug habit
  • Consuming large amounts of cocaine
  • Impaired judgement, to the point that you will do anything to purchase and consume cocaine
  • Consuming cocaine in school, home or work environments
  • Withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, nausea, loss of appetite, mood swings, anxiety, fatigue, quickened heart rate and raised temperature
  • Building up a tolerance to cocaine

If you have noticed any of the above symptoms or behaviour and you use cocaine, contact us today for more information on how we can help you with a detox programme.

Cocaine Detox with Step 1 Recovery

Sometimes a home detox is not always the best solution when it comes to facing a cocaine addiction. If you would prefer a cocaine detox in a controlled environment and with on-hand support at all times, we can help. Our team of professionals are highly experienced in dealing with addiction detox and can give you the skills and tools you need to succeed so that you can beat cocaine abuse for good. We use a combination of therapy, counselling and mindfulness techniques to help you break free from cocaine addiction, with lasting results you can take into your future.

Our comforting rehab centre is a real home-from-home. Rest, relax and spend time recovering in the warm, sunny climate with total luxury around you.

During your first initial phone call to us we will talk through your cocaine use and how you managed to begin using drugs. We will talk about your feelings and behaviours while you are under the influence of cocaine, as well as any physical symptoms you may be experiencing. We will also discuss how your cocaine use has affected your family, relationships at work, overall health and well-being. An advisor will discuss what you need to do next and how our detox programmes work.

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
  • Speech therapy (talking in groups at our centre or with family and friends)
  • Contingency management (rewarding you for when you have managed to stay clean for a set period of time)

How long does it take to Detox from Cocaine?

When you first stop taking cocaine you will need to wait at least 72 hours for the drug to leave your body. After this period, you should be able to pass a urine drug test, but this will depend on how heavily reliant you were on the substance. Heavy users may find that the substance takes much longer to leave their system (up to 12 weeks).

After three days, you will experience feelings of 'coming down'. During this time, you may feel sad, depressed, lonely, isolated, tired, hopeless, out of control and irritable. These feelings are completely normal, and are withdrawal symptoms because your body has become addicted to the unnatural 'happy' feeling that cocaine gives you. You may also find that your appetite increases once again, as heavy cocaine users often lose weight because the drug suppresses their desire to eat. This is a hard time when you detox from cocaine, and you can rest assured that our team of staff will support you through this difficult period while your body begins to adjust back to normal life.

After one week, you will notice that the negative feelings will begin to abate and that you will feel much better, but you will still need to tackle your cravings, which can last for weeks depending on your cocaine use. To help your body recover, we recommend that you drink plenty of water to rehydrate and sleep as much as you can, as this will combat fatigue and allow your body to repair.

Our on-site chef will also help you to put nutrients back into your body through healthy and delicious meals, which will also aid your recovery time. There will still be occasions, even weeks ahead, where you may have an occasional mood swing, outburst of anger or irritability or feeling of sadness. This is completely normal and such feelings will diminish with patience and time.

Why Step 1 Recovery?

At Step 1 Recovery, we can help you or a family member with a cocaine addiction to undertake a detox, so you/they no longer feel reliant on the drug. Our cocaine detox therapies are to the highest standard and we offer world-class support and therapy throughout treatment. We pride ourselves on our considered and compassionate approach to addiction therapy, with a friendly and approachable team of staff that can offer round-the-clock support. Together, we can help you live a drug-free life that breaks away from cocaine cravings.

We are proud to have a team of supportive and helpful staff who have helped to cure so many people of a cocaine addiction through detox. We have much knowledge of addiction and detox therapy and know exactly what your body needs to succeed. We will always be discreet, comforting and encouraging as you take your journey to being clean. Our beautiful retreat in Spain’s Costa Brava boasts luxury facilities such as a luxury pool, well-kept gardens and massage/beauty therapy. Get in touch if you could like our help with a cocaine detox.

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