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Codeine Addiction

The effects of a Codeine Addiction

With more and more prescription drugs available, drug addiction is continuing to rise. One prescribed drug which is becoming favoured by users is codeine. Commonly starting off using a codeine-based cough syrup, this opioid drug can easily become addictive as pain tolerances develop, causing physical dependencies.

This form of prescribed drug is usually provided to individuals requiring mild to moderate pain relief, resembling similar effects but less hazardous than morphine and heroin. However, with great availability and low danger risks, innocent use has the ability to progress to an aggressive codeine addiction.

To many, codeine is a harmless drug providing treatment for mild physical and mental pain. However, long-term, high consistent consumption can lead to greater health complications. These include respiratory failure, strokes and even the potential of death. Once mixed with central nervous system depressants such as alcohol, codeine can be highly dangerous. There are many side effects of codeine addiction which can negatively affect a user’s quality and length of life. If you do experience any side effects, seeking medical advice is highly recommended.

If you’re living with a codeine addiction, call out for support today. Overcoming an addiction is difficult alone. Here at Step 1 Recovery, we can help you overcome your dependency both mentally and physically.

How our rehab centre can support you through your Codeine Addiction

The first step to take if you are living with a codeine addiction is to acknowledge your dependency. If you can take this first step, you will have the courage and strength to overcome your addiction with the right support.

Once you contact our specialised team, we will take each one of your needs into consideration. We will listen to your story and understand how your codeine addiction has developed and why you have an on-going dependency. We understand that this is a personal journey for every individual who contacts our rehabilitation centre, therefore we will treat you with a non-judgmental approach.

If you do feel ashamed or embarrassed about your codeine addiction, please be aware that are team are empathetic and will provide compassion throughout. Remember that an addiction can be developed by anyone, therefore your background will have no weightage.

After understanding your story and requirements, if suitable we will move you through the process by offering either our Spain or UK based rehab centres. Here we will support and guide you to a codeine free future. This will be achieved by creating a tailored treatment plan for you to follow. Treatments will include both mental and physical activity to help disconnect any cravings, reducing your codeine addiction. You will experience the likes of yoga sessions to help promote mindfulness, followed by counselling sessions to break down your barriers. As your treatment progresses, symptoms will reduce, helping you see a life without codeine use.

Alongside our evidence based, life-saving treatment, here at Step 1 Recovery we offer ongoing support. This support is for yourself and if given consent, for those around you who have been affected by your codeine addiction. We believe that it is important to move you away from external stimuli, however, aim to create a strong support network for when you return home. Within our 24/7 support, both yourself and your family will be provided with mechanisms to help you manage your addiction long-term.

By following your own personal recovery plan, our aim is for you to leave feeling refreshed, ready to restart a drug free life. We will provide a cocoon sanctuary, promoting safety throughout your recovery, providing full focus on tackling your codeine addiction.

Our specialised team

When contacting our Step 1 Recovery centre, we would like to reassure you that you are dealing with experienced, fully certified members of staff. We are specialists with experience of positively supporting those with addictions to recovery. From registered nurses and qualified therapists, to fitness devotes, our team are fully equipped to support your needs.

We are deeply passionate about guiding you to a drug-free future, while understanding that every journey is different. For some, a detoxification may be difficult, however, we will ensure a smooth process throughout, reducing stress for each client.

Our Step 1 Recovery services

Alongside supporting those with a codeine addiction, we offer treatment services for those who are living with sex addiction, straight through to anxiety disorders. We understand addiction here at Step 1 Recovery. We understand that no addiction is the same. Each individual who enters will not be put into a stereotypical box, and will be treated like a human being, as that’s what you are.

You may currently feel that your addiction has overtaken your whole being, however, our treatments will help to change your outlook, and build on your persona. Our holistic approach will help to heal your body, mind and soul, bringing you back to a positive mindset pre addiction.

Whichever addiction you are living with, we believe in supporting you through a journey of transformation, rather than a quick fix. We understand how it takes time to add each piece of the jigsaw back together. We believe that consistent addiction treatment will set you for a positive drug free life, rather than promoting a cold turkey approach. We will only promote leaving once you feel fully ready to return to your day to day life. But until then, we will ensure that around the clock support is on hand to conquer your addiction, and work through side-effects.

We understand how distressing this time can be for yourself and loved ones. Searching for suitable addiction treatment can be overwhelming, however, we will ensure that the most appropriate options are recommended to you. We will only ever promote treatment which will positively affect your journey.

If you are currently living with a codeine addiction, our specialised team are here to guide you to a drug-free life. We believe that support is the key driving force to aid recovery, therefore, if you are struggling, seek advice today. Our team are available to listen to your needs on +44 (0)7914 760 631 /

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