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United Arab Emirates

UAE Background

Over the past twenty years or so the United Arab Emirates and in particular Dubai & Abu Dhabi has become one of the most developed, progressive and wealthy regions globally. This accelerated development along with the introduction of a large percentage of international & expat population has greatly influenced and led to the growth in alcohol & illicit drug consumption normally associated with other major regions of the world. Unfortunately despite the UAE being a major international global Hub the UAE government takes a very strict stance on both Drug & Alcohol use, generally making addiction a taboo subject with strict laws potentially presenting problems for local addicts who are seeking help or advice.

Drug & Alcohol Consumption in the UAE

The UAE Government currently doesn’t offer any official statistics on drug and alcohol consumption or the underlying issues with abuse and addiction. However independent Research firm Euromonitor confirms that there has been a 30% increase in alcohol consumption in the UAE over the past five years. In another recent study by Philip Robins, it is claimed that in Dubai alone that between 10-20% of the local adult population uses illicit drugs. Furthermore, a recent report by the UAE National Rehabilitation Centre states that 1 in 20 of UAE deaths are directly attributed to either drugs or alcohol. With regards to illicit drug use in the UAE it should be noted that it's not just an issue with traditional typical drugs such as marijuana & cocaine but also prescription drug abuse in the form of benzodiazepines, for which Step One Recovery has developed a specialist dedicated treatment & therapy program which has achieved amazing results and levels of success.

UAE & Gulf Region - Your Solution

Residents & Expats living in the UAE and the Gulf region Dubai who cannot find help in the region's government rehab centers or who prefer to seek help overseas due to the harsh local laws can find a solution by contacting our friendly, informed & Arab region sensitive team at Step One Recovery Spain.

Step One Recovery welcomes everyone from the Gulf region, offering luxury & international standards of care in an environment that is fully dedicated and culturally sensitive. Offering a comprehensive bespoke treatment programme individually created for you and your personal circumstances, Step One Recovery will provide an optimised treatment program designed and guaranteed to achieve a full and speedy recovery.

Step One Recovery Facility

We are located on the beautiful Costa Blanca coast in Spain approximately an hour from either the airport in Alicante to the south or Valencia in the North. There is no social stigma here only a professional empathetic team looking to provide patients with the support and tools they need to turn their lives around and resume a normal healthy lifestyle on their return home to the Middle East or their home nations. Our multi-disciplinary team has more than 100 years of combined experience in treating drug and alcohol addiction as well as any mental health issues such as depression, anxiety or trauma which may cause these negative underlying lifestyle habits. We have created the Step One Recovery centre to provide a unique, exclusive and confidential addiction recovery retreat, which will provide everything you need to heal and resume a healthier lifestyle. Evidence based holistic treatment is key to our success, as is the flexible duration choice of residential treatment programmes we offer. The result of this is we suggest the time to treat the whole problem, rather than provide you with a quick fix.

How we help, the extra Step….

We will help you make the necessary arrangements to get you to the centre, settled in and enrolled in your recovery. If your need is urgent, we can arrange for our chauffeurs to collect you from your home within a few hours.

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