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Depression Rehab

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What is Depression

Everyone can feel upset or sad on occasion, but depression is where such feelings of sadness take over daily life and limit your ability to carry out day-to-day activities. Whilst depression is a common mental health issue, it can still be extremely difficult to manage and seeking treatment should be a priority. Common symptoms of depression involve

  • constant feelings of loneliness
  • isolation
  • hopelessness
  • insomnia
  • low confidence
  • low mood
  • difficulty concentrating
  • anxiety.

Depression is a common and yet complex mental health condition. Some people experience the condition for no reason, while others find it is linked to a traumatic experience they have had in their life and/or a life change such as the loss of a job or the death of a loved one.

If you or if someone you love is suffering from depression and you're considering rehab, we can help at Step One Recovery.

Your initial consultation for depression rehab

When you first get in touch with us about depression rehabilitation, we will discuss your condition in detail and focus on its potential causes. For example, you may be experiencing depression as a result of genetics or because you have a long-term ill health condition that is having a negative impact on your daily life.

We will also discuss your personal circumstances and past to see if something could have triggered your present depression such as the loss of a loved one, unemployment and psychological or social factors such as previous bullying, domestic violence or child abuse, alcoholism or drug abuse. We want to hear how you feel your depression has affected you, your relationships, career and everyday life so we can thoroughly assess your needs and cater to them with compassion.

You will have access to a therapist who will be able to provide support 24/7 You will be assigned a therapist who can give you 24/7 support and discuss the details of your treatment plan, and we will also consider other conditions that may be linked to your depression, such as anxiety. When you stay with us, rest assured that we will be understanding and sympathetic at all times and will ensure that you receive the best treatment, whether you are staying for a short time or a good few weeks. Our staff will make sure that you always feel safe, secure and healthy. We will discuss cognitive behavioural therapy and the psychological therapies outlined below that can help you break free from sad thoughts of hopelessness and help you to feel more confident about yourself and your life.

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How we treat Depression through rehab

How a person’s depression is treated will always vary, depending on the individual and their specific needs. Someone suffering a minor degree of depression may benefit more from speech therapies and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), while others with a more severe degree of depression may require these methods of treatment plus a programme of prescribed medication to manage their feelings and symptoms. We will discuss the below treatments with you to help further your understanding of the treatment plan you will partake in:

Cognitive behavioural therapy: This form of therapy is designed to help change the minds thinking and attitude towards the life situations and things that make you feel sad or useless, in order to encourage a positive, pro-active and confident way of perception. Constant support will be provided throughout any difficulties you may be experiencing that could cause you to feel worried or sad. The technique is for behavioural issues and can even be used after your time at our centre which can be incredibly useful for everyday life and dealing with situations that could cause you to slip back into a depressive state.

Family/group therapy: This is a great way to discuss depression with either those closest to you or individuals who are going through the same struggles that you are. Family/Group therapy is great for people who may not want to face counselling on their own and require support from family, friends or neutral parties.

Dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT): For those with severe depression, this type of therapy follows a similar format to cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), but with a greater focus on individual intense emotions of sadness that you may be feeling. While CBT can be used to treat behaviours and attitudes, DBT is used to treat more extreme emotions and feelings that cause great distress. In this type of therapy session, you will talk with your therapist about how you can better manage overwhelming emotions of distress, sadness or despair so you can achieve a healthier outlook and manage suicidal thoughts.

Anti-depressant medications: We may decide that anti-depressants are necessary to ensure successful treatment. This includes medications to help you sleep and beat insomnia, or drugs that help your hormonal balance such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). These are the most common types of anti-depressants, and you can rest assured that we will help you to manage any withdrawal symptoms you may experience in the event that you eventually no longer need medication.

Our depression retreat

We want your anxiety rehabilitation. to be as calm and relaxing as possible. Our dedicated team have a wealth of experience in planning supportive programmes to help those that suffer from depression. We are able to help guide you through your bespoke plan which focuses on healing the body and soul through holistically based treatment practices, so you are living your best, most confident life. We are based in London and have locations across the UK and Mediterranean, providing a relaxing atmosphere that can help heal the mind. All our centres have been designed to give you the very best in luxurious comfort while you recover. We encourage mindfulness therapies like counselling, meditation and yoga to adjust your mindset in order to stay calm and relaxed.

Our staff are extremely dedicated to their profession and are here to help all clients by providing attentive care in order to make all individuals feel at home. Our team has been chosen based on their extensive knowledge and dedication, as well as being able to provide an approach to treatment that is positive and sympathetic to help get you back to your true self and free from depression. Call us now to find out how rehab can help you or a loved one deal with depression.

What causes depression

Everyone can be affected by depression at different stages of their lives. However, there are some factors that can make developing depression more likely. Such as

  • Childhood traumas
  • Neglect
  • Loosing a loved one
  • Mental Health problems
  • Particular personality traits
  • Abuse

It is important to seek help for depression if you feel it is having an impact on our daily life. Here at Step one recovery, our team of experienced professionals can help you discover a life free from depression.

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