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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Nottingham

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Nottingham Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centres

Our team of professionals can help you become addiction free. Take the first step to recovery with us.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Nottingham

If you’re looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Nottingham without the long waiting lists, then Step 1 Recovery can help you or your loved one get help fast.

We know how frustrating it can be to reach out for help and have to wait, and in areas such as Nottingham, there are large numbers of people who suffer from alcoholism or abuse drugs, which means local NHS resources are often overstretched.

That’s why so many people are turning to private rehab providers. This doesn’t just mean skipping the queue and getting your treatment sooner; it could potentially save lives.

Step1 Recovery offers residential rehab in the UK and in Moraira, Spain, which is just a short flight from the East Midlands. Staying with us means you’re far away from temptation and negative influences and can enjoy the healing powers of the Mediterranean sunshine. Addiction treatment can be intense and tiring, which is why we’ve created a beautiful environment where you can heal.

A Supportive Environment

Addiction is a disease, so those who are suffering from drug and alcohol addiction need both scientifically proven treatments and plenty of support. Stay with Step 1 Recovery, and you can enjoy the expertise of a team of counsellors and therapists, with 24/7 support to get you through the difficult times.

You’ll also undergo group therapy with your peers, and will no doubt build supportive friendships with those in similar situations, so you know there’s always someone there for you.

While you stay with us, you’ll undergo therapy sessions that can help you identify the cause and triggers of your addiction. If you know why you drink or use drugs, then you can find better-coping mechanisms, and you have a better chance of staying sober in the long term.

We also offer workshops on relapse prevention and teach you skills such as mindfulness and meditation, which can help when you’re going through difficult times.

Addiction Help Today and in the Long Term

One of the big advantages of Step 1 Recovery is that we offer speedy admissions. Our Spanish centre is close to Alicante airport, which can be easily accessed from the East Midlands, so you can be with us in a matter of hours.

We usually recommend a 28-day programme at our rehab clinic, as this gives you time to really make the most of our treatment programmes. A

lthough the detox process usually only takes a few days, and withdrawal symptoms can be managed, we don’t recommend shortcuts such as detox-only programmes. This is because we want to get to the root cause of your addiction and find ways to help you cope.

Once you complete your programme, the work isn’t over, which is why we offer a year of free aftercare to anyone who completes 28 days with us.

We can discuss further drug and alcohol rehab in Nottingham or your local area, perhaps putting you in touch with organisations such as SMART Recovery or suggesting AA meetings you could attend. The first year after leaving rehab is often the hardest and when you’re most likely to relapse, which is why aftercare is so important.

Staying With Step 1 Recovery

Step 1 Recovery has various centres across the world. In particular, our Spain centre is set in the centre in Moraira, just a couple of hours from Nottingham away by plane.

While you may be looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Nottingham or nearby, it’s really worth considering going further afield, though if you aren’t tempted by our Spain offering, we do have partnering centres based throughout the UK.

When you go through drug and alcohol rehab, it can help to be away from negative influences and somewhere where it’s very difficult to obtain your substance of choice, and we make it incredibly difficult for you to relapse while you’re with us.

Our rehab clinic is popular with those who need to keep their visit as discreet as possible. Unfortunately, there’s still a stigma around alcoholism and substance abuse, even if you are seeking help, and if you’re in the public eye or in an important role, then you’ll no doubt want to keep your visit quiet.

One advantage of our villa over rehabs in Nottingham is that you’re much less likely to run into someone you know during an outing. Our staff are, of course, very well-versed in confidentiality, so you can be sure nobody will know you are here unless you tell them.

Another advantage of our Spain and UK clinics is that you get to stay in a lovely environment. Our Mediterranean villa has a calm, healing environment, with luxury facilities such as a swimming pool.

Our treatment centre has beautiful views and grounds, and you can soak up some sunshine in-between therapy sessions.

While you stay with us, you’ll also receive treatments designed to heal your body and soul, from yoga and massages to aromatherapy, so you can return home feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Spanish clinics can often work out as more affordable than their British counterparts, yet still offer the same high levels of service, and our staff are fluent in English.

Many people who suffer through drug or alcohol abuse neglect their health, and you may be searching for drug and alcohol rehab in Nottingham because you feel tired, sick and lethargic. When you stay with us, you can enjoy nourishing meals and fitness sessions that are designed to improve your physical health.

Our aim is to make you feel like you’re living your life once again, which will help you stay away from drinking and drugs in the long term.

If you’re considering your treatment options for drug or alcohol addiction, call Step 1 Recovery on +44 (0) 7914 760631 today for a fast response and friendly, non-judgemental service.