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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Netherlands

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Netherlands Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centres

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Netherlands

People become addicted to drugs or alcohol for many reasons. Experimentation, family history, peer pressure, and to help cope with past traumas — addiction isn’t intentional, but it can happen to anyone, devastating lives in the process.

Addicts often can’t imagine a life without drugs or alcohol. The habit of abuse takes over their lives, and they rely on substances to get through the day. Are you one of those people?

Step One Recovery helps people living in the Netherlands get the help they need. We can refer you to our rehab clinics in Spain, where you’ll stay until you’re better and ready to start a fresh way of living. We’ll even collect you from the airport.

The Netherlands — Drug And Alcohol Culture

Liberal drug laws, in particular their relaxed attitude to cannabis use, makes the Netherlands one of the most drug-tolerant countries in Europe. It’s easy to find drugs if you live there, particularly in large cities such as Amsterdam. The Dutch don’t arrest or charge people for soft drug offences, so misuse of cannabis, hash and sedatives isn’t breaking the law.

Some see the Netherlands as the centre of the European drugs market, as port cities like Rotterdam act as a gateway for distributing drugs, particularly ecstasy, MDMA and cocaine.

The Netherlands are a large producer and exporter of synthetic drugs such as LSD, MDMA and ecstasy, amphetamines and GHB (the ‘date rape’ drug.)

There are many drug and alcohol rehab clinics in the Netherlands, but it’s tricky to find one run by English speakers. Many people fly to Spain or other parts of Europe for treatment, as there are more multi-lingual clinics. Out of all drug and alcohol rehab admissions, cannabis accounts for 47%, followed by cocaine at 24%, heroin at 9%, and 7% for amphetamines.

How Do I Find Treatment?

If you live in the Netherlands, we can direct you to one of our clinics in Spain and run through our treatment options with you. We can guide you through the admissions process if you’re a co-worker, friend or family member worried about someone with a drug or alcohol addiction.

You may be researching rehab on behalf of someone else as they’re incapable or have hit rock bottom. They may reject the idea of rehab and hope that sheer willpower will be enough to make their addiction go away. After reading this article, you’ll be well-equipped to give them all the answers they need to sway them to go to rehab.

The Rehab Process

Realising and accepting that you have a drug or alcohol problem is a hugely positive step toward recovery. It’s tough to admit you have a problem and that life has become unmanageable, but there’s no shame. Addiction is a potentially fatal illness that needs professional intervention. Your health and life can spiral out of control if you don’t seek treatment.

Our rehab centres in Spain are comfortable, welcoming, and ideal spaces to detox from drugs or alcohol, surrounded and cared for by qualified professionals. You’ll complete a drug or alcohol detoxification when you arrive at rehab.

Detox can be tough on your mind and body, but withdrawal is gradual, and you’ll receive round-the-clock care and nutritional support. You’ll experience withdrawal symptoms and crave drugs or alcohol because you aren’t using them anymore.

When you’ve completed detox, this is when the real healing work begins. Most recovering addicts find their mental health takes a nosedive when they stop abusing their bodies with toxins.

Patients have been so used to the intoxicating effects of drugs or alcohol; relaxation, numbness, confidence or a short-lived ‘high’. When they’re drug or alcohol-free, their minds are clear, but sometimes this brings anxiety, upset and depression to the surface.

The rehab time is all about healing the body and the mind and giving you tools and techniques to lead a happy and sober life. Your time in rehab focuses on lasting recovery and prepares you for life on the outside. Daily counselling helps patients recover, and most days are filled with a mixture of one-to-one therapy sessions, group counselling and therapeutic activities such as yoga, meditation, reiki and fitness sessions.

Drug or alcohol addiction can tear families apart, but therapy can help repair the damage caused by addiction. If appropriate, we’ll involve your family in the recovery process, either through face-to-face meetings or via video meetings.

Living A Fulfilling Life After Rehab

When it’s time to leave rehab, patients often feel optimistic about the future but are still highly aware that they face massive challenges. The thought of leaving Spain and returning to life in the Netherlands can be daunting. Some patients return to their homes, jobs and family, but others want a fresh start. Some have lost everything and need to rebuild their lives.

Step One Recovery provides bespoke treatment programmes and advice tailored to your goals. You’ll complete life skills courses (if you need them) where you learn about topics such as nutrition, well-being and healthy relationships.

You’ll be allocated a dedicated caseworker who will work with you throughout your stay. If you need guidance in finding work and housing, we can signpost you to appropriate agencies and liaise with them on your behalf.

We’ll still be there for you when you leave rehab. Our aftercare programme means you can still access support groups, counselling and a dedicated helpline for up to 12 months, supporting you on your path to recovery.

Why Choose Step One Recovery?

If you’re experiencing drug or alcohol addiction, Step One Recovery can help you kick your habit for good. Our renowned rehab clinics in Spain have helped heal people all over Europe. Our multi-disciplinary teams were hand-picked for their expertise, warmth and dedication to helping people live their best lives.

Our teams of psychiatrists, nurses, therapists, psychologists and support staff have dedicated their lives to helping beat the disease of addiction.

To learn more about our first-class facilities and how rehab could transform your life, call us today on 0300 107 2950.