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Heroin Rehab Centre

Understanding heroin addiction

Heroin is a drug that is made from opium poppies. It usually takes the form of a brown or brownish white powder. Users can either smoke or inject the drug (the latter after dissolving the powder in water). Heroin is also known as a painkiller because due to it being produced from morphine and is commonly administered for medical use under its name of 'diamorphine' around the world for treating severe pain and/or sleeplessness.

Because it is highly synthesised and a lot stronger than morphine, heroin is an incredibly addictive and illegal substance, with addiction to the drug affecting around 9 million people worldwide. Heroin abuse has a detrimental affect on both the user and their family, with many abusers getting into financial hardship or facing a struggle to maintain their personal relationships with loved ones.

Do you or does someone you love have a heroin addiction? We can help at our drug rehab centre. It is sometimes hard to accept or get a loved one to accept that they have a drug problem, and drug issues can affect anyone, regardless of their background or age. Call us today to see how a mindful and compassionate approach to heroin rehabilitation can enable you or a family member to recover and live a drug-free life.

Private Heroin Rehab Centres

The process of recovering from heroin addiction can be long and tough with detoxification being especially hard for some individuals with uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms occurring during this stage of treatment.

It is the benefit of having access to a private heroin rehab centre that is most prevalent during this stage of treatment. Withdrawal symptoms that come with a typical detox will often occur in the first two days of the programme, it is during this time that our addiction recovery workers will regularly monitor you over a 24 hour period. This means that if you display any withdrawal symptoms that are causing distress to you or if you are showing signs of more serious symptoms then prescription medication can be given to help alleviate any of these symptoms.

The quality of care that you receive during your stay at one of our private heroin rehab clinics is absolutely essential to your recovery and this is why all our treatment facilities are designed to give you the best possible comfort during your stay along with access to our highly trained staff that are on hand at all times throughout your treatment plan.

Heroin is a highly addictive substance this is why the effects of heroin detox can be quite severe but once you have successfully detoxed the side effects soon go away leaving you to start building towards long term recovery through the use of regular therapy sessions and counselling that are aimed to help strengthen your mind and deal with any potential triggers.

For more information on our private heroin detox and rehab programmes then please get in touch with our admissions team, they can help talk you through the different treatment options that are available and help show you the best path towards long term recovery from substance abuse.

Our approach to heroin rehabilitation

The staff at Step 1 Recovery have vast amounts of experience in dealing with detoxifications which are designed to remove all harmful toxins from an individuals system in order for them to be ‘fully clean’ from their addiction. Effective guidance is given throughout your heroin rehab plan with a focus on healing the body and soul through holistic based practices.

We can offer a long term solution to your problem, and help you to understand why you may be an addict, whilst providing you with compassion and the determination you need to succeed. We are based in the sunny Costa Blanca – a relaxing haven in Moraira where spending time in a warm and nourishing climate can work wonders on both mind and spirit, we also have centres available in the UK for people unwilling to travel to Spain.

Our recovery programme helps you focus on the physical and mental side of heroin rehab. The majority of heroin rehab plans will involve a detox process, for which you should prepare for.

Withdrawal symptoms vary from person to person, but can last up to two weeks or longer from the last time you took heroin. During this period, we will monitor you closely to check that you are safe and healthy. With help from our addiction recovery workers, we will look to slowly decrease your heroin consumption until you no longer feel you need heroin.

Dependant on the cause of your addiction, during heroin rehab with us you may be offer prescription drugs that can help ease any withdrawal symptoms that you may be experiencing. When you are able to control your withdrawal symptoms, you will start to take part in counselling and therapy sessions which will teach you how to identify and resist any triggers that could cause your addiction to relapse.

We also understand that the families of our patients can become emotionally affected by their loved one facing heroin rehabilitation. We offer therapy with qualified psychologists, rehab specialists and psychiatrists which can involve your family members, too, so they have a greater understanding of your condition and your requirements as you undertake your journey towards recovery.

Your loved ones can also attend our centre to help you stay on track with your treatment and support you. We also give you forward planning sessions to help prevent relapse and to help you stay on target and focused in moving forward, as well as an aftercare service that lasts for 18 months in which you can make contact with us whenever you need to following completion of your treatment.

What you can expect from us

We want your experience in rehab to be as comfortable and rewarding as possible. Our luxury centres are perfect for experiencing the very best in rehab recovery by giving you the ultimate feeling of comfort with the health benefits that come with a warmer climate. We want you to concentrate on your treatment, recovery and well-being, and the decor of our facility has been carefully chosen to create a non-clinical, homely environment filled with natural light. Through mind orientated activities such as counselling and yoga, we can help strengthen your mindset so you can focus on taking control of your mind.

As part of your time with us, we will encourage you to take part in meditation, exercise, yoga and massage. We will also focus on your nutrition so we can get your body back to a good healthy balance, with our gourmet chef ensuring that all meals eaten on site are full of nutrients that you need to allow your body to recover from your heroin addiction.

Our team

Our highly qualified team of helpful and supportive staff are the reason we have successfully cured many people of their heroin addiction. All members of staff at our centres in the UK and Spain are extremely passionate about helping people and are committed to giving the best possible care and attention to anyone who comes to our centres. All members of staff have been carefully hand picked based on their dedication and experience to addiction recovery.

Get in touch with us today to see what we can do to help you or a family member on their recovery journey. When you call us, you will speak to a friendly person at the other end of the phone who will remain non-judgemental. You can then give details about your problem, and will be asked further details on its nature, what you hope to achieve from rehabilitation, the length of time you'd be able to stay with us, and will receive more details on how we can assess and help your needs. Take that first step on your journey and contact us.

Heroin Rehab FAQ's

How difficult is it stop an addiction to Heroin?

Heroin is an incredibly hard drug to stop using, but quitting is possible with a combination of quality treatment programmes, with help from family, friends and support groups such as Narcotics Anonymous.

Is it possible to avoid Heroin withdrawal symptoms?

During any heroin detox programme, there are a number of different withdrawal symptoms associated with the process. Like most drugs, if your body is dependant on them, they will be virtually impossible to avoid.

What happens in a residential rehab centre?

In our residential treatment centre, our clients stay with us for a period of time (usually 28 days) where they receive world-class care, support and therapy to ensure they return home free of addiction and any mental health issues.

Will anybody know I’m there?

We see your privacy as our priority. Your stay here will be strictly confidential. Nobody will know you’re here. If anybody enquiries about our clients, we will never respond. We pride ourselves on providing a completely confidential service.

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