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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Derry

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Learn more about your rehab options if you are looking for addiction help in Derry.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Derry

Drug and alcohol addiction is among the most prevalent and cruel mental illnesses. As a nation, we’re moving in the right direction when it comes to mental illness. More people are aware of the different types of illnesses and workplaces are beginning to provide the support and help that people require. Unfortunately, alcohol and drug addiction are still very misunderstood.

At Step One Recovery, our drug and alcohol rehab provides a solution for people in Derry that have nowhere left to turn. We’re here for the people that can’t escape the problems they’re experiencing. Addiction services are stretched nationwide, and Northern Ireland is currently seeing an opioid crisis. Our private treatment centres, located in Spain and England, are here to help.

If you feel alone in your battle with addiction and you’re struggling to take the first step to recovery, pick up the phone and speak to our team on +44 (0) 330 107 2950 today. Our residential rehabilitation treatment uses tried and tested methods to help you overcome your addiction.

Our rehabilitation centres offer a range of different treatment programmes, each of them uniquely designed for your needs. Your mind, body and spirit are aligned with our holistic treatments and our steps to success. If you’re not convinced, read on to find out why your addiction may be affecting your mental health and your ability to make logical decisions.

Mental Health and Addiction

Taking any substances can be dangerous. While some substances are more life-threatening than others, abusing drugs or even alcohol can have long-term consequences on your health.

Mental health and addiction go hand-in-hand more often than you may realise. Those suffering from depression, bipolarity or anxiety may not fully understand their illness. In fact, many of them will feel too ashamed or embarrassed to admit that they’re feeling low and struggling. In an attempt to self-medicate, they’ll turn to alcohol or drugs. What begins as a short-term ‘numbing’ of bad feelings can quickly spiral into a desperate addiction.

It’s thought that over half a million people throughout the United Kingdom are experiencing serious problems with alcohol. In a similar way that drugs can be used to self-medicate, many people suffering from mental health issues will turn to alcohol. When you regularly turn to alcohol in the hope of feeling less anxious and more confident, it slowly begins to change the chemical balance of your brain. Eventually, your brain will recognise that alcohol eases negative emotions, stress and trauma. When you don’t have alcohol in your system, your original feelings are even stronger and you’ll start to drink more heavily.

Without drugs and alcohol, many addicts will begin to feel irritable and depressed. Stress and anxiety become more difficult to handle as the brain becomes dependent on whatever makes you feel good.

This is why our drug and alcohol rehab centres include therapy as part of our treatment. Experienced and able psychologists will see you regularly and explore your relationship between mental health and addiction. Under the eyes of our expert staff, you’ll be regularly monitored and will feel comfortable in our luxury accommodation. In our open and friendly environment, you’ll learn that negative emotions and feelings don’t require drugs or alcohol.

Why Does Addiction Require Rehab?

Once more feeling: drug and alcohol addictions are serious mental diseases. While you can take some paracetamol for a headache and have broken bones fused back together, the recovery from addiction is lengthy and challenging. If you attempt to do it alone, you’re likely to cause more harm than good. Alcoholics attempting to go ‘cold turkey’ can even put their life at risk.

When many addicts begin to face the realities of their disease, it’s normally too late. Bridges have been burned, relationships with loved ones are strained and even careers can be affected. Instead of being surrounded by the factors which may have caused your addiction in the first place, choose our residential rehab programme and leave those negative influences behind.

In our secure and safe environment, you’ll be surrounded by leading doctors and therapists. They’ll be there to help you during the initial detox phase. They’ll also know how to flush alcohol from your system without putting your life at risk. Slowly, and with the required medication, your body will learn to deal with the decreasing amounts of alcohol in it.

Our addiction services revolve around a holistic approach. This can be as simple as eating nutritious, balanced meals to replenish your body. For those who we believe will benefit from further holistic treatment, yoga and acupuncture are among the treatments we provide. All of these things will help you overcome your drug or alcohol addiction. If you don’t admit yourself to rehab, you’re only making it harder.

Step One Recovery’s Rehab Process

When you finally decide to contact us, you’ll be taking the most crucial step towards recovery. Our staff can conduct a full telephone assessment there and then. When it suits you, you’ll undergo a full assessment with a therapist and we’ll begin creating your individual treatment programme. Soon you’ll have your start date for our drug and alcohol rehab centre and you can book your departure from Derry.

Our friendly and warm staff will check you into our addiction treatment centre. Once you’ve settled into your spacious and comfortable room, it’s time for the detox.

Afterwards, you’ll be exposed to our highly successful rehab programme. You’ll eat well, exercise regularly and get involved with our workshops. Group therapy sessions and one-on-one therapy are all used to help you understand the defining factors behind your addiction.

We’re very proud of the service we offer and proud of the patients we help. Call +44 (0) 330 107 2950 today, or fill out our Contact Form for a free call-back service.

There’s never been a better time to finally overcome your addiction and get your life back. Your road to recovery can start at this very moment.