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Rehab FAQ’s

What’s my first step to addiction recovery?

The first thing we will need you to do is to give us a call and one of our trained counselors will talk you to you and see how we can be of help. Through this call we will identify an appropriate form of treatment for you, we will explain every option available to you and let you know what the next steps will be.

If you are calling on behalf of someone else and believe they are in danger and need serious help, we will talk to you about our intervention service. We wholeheartedly understand that this is an incredibly difficult situation for you but we will be there with you every step of the way.

Will I need to go to your recovery center?

This will be determined by the initial assessment. If we feel that our recovery center is what you need we will recommend it and get you all of the information you will require to make a decision on whether to go along with our recommendation.

We care for our patients and would never recommend a treatment or program unless we were confident it was the one for you.

What happens next?

If you decide to take the first step and come to our recovery center we will liaise with you and put together a bespoke program for you. Every program is different and we will walk you through what to expect from your visit and answer any concerns you may have. We will then sort our payment and your admittance. We will arrange a car to pick you up from your house and take you to the airport, upon landing you will be picked up by one of our drivers and taken to our recovery center. Our priority is for you to feel safe and comfortable. We will be in constant touch with you until you arrive at our recovery center and we will monitor your progress so that your family can know how you are doing on a weekly basis. Once you are with us you and your family will get the support needed to help you recover.

How do I pay for my treatment?

Most private insurers cover addiction treatment. We also have a range of payment options for those who don’t have private insurance. And there are plenty of free addiction services out there and we can put you in touch with them

If you have private health insurance it is worth contacting them to see if this type of treatment is covered by them. Otherwise, we can talk about other options for payment. You can call us at any time and we will happily talk you through it.

>Let’s get started

Simply by reading this you have taken a step in the right direction, a step towards recovery. So give us a call now and our professional and experienced staff will talk to you and guide you through everything step by step. We are here for you.

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