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Gambling Addiction

If you have a problem with gambling addiction, then it’s not just your finances that get hurt in the process. Relationships can break down, leading to feelings of isolation, guilt and anxiety. Many gamblers hope to win but expect to lose when they place their bets, and this is also true of their approach to life too. We can help you get off your losing streak. As soon as you begin your recovery, you start winning in life once more. Take your first step towards gambling addiction recovery with Step 1 Recovery.

The actual cause of your gambling addiction cannot be properly determined without sitting down and talking to someone. Compulsive gambling can be contributed to many issues such as stress which can be triggered by events such as uncertainty over your job or marital problems. Other possible reasons could be coping with a recent bereavement or the struggle to deal with other addictions such as drugs or alcohol.

Gambling addiction gets serious when you are betting using ridiculous amounts of money which can lead to severe financial problems, this can then contribute to mental health issues which in a lot of cases can lead people feeling suicidal.

If you are going through any of these problems, we strongly urge you to seek help and get in touch with our team as soon as possible.

Our approach to gambling addiction treatment

Denial of gambling addiction is common but we can help you face up to the reality of the situation and equip you with the emotional strength you need to stop gambling for good and face a more predictable, hopeful and happier future.

We have a team of medical professionals who can provide information on why your addiction has developed to help you understand your problem. The aim of this is to make you more aware of the signs and symptoms of your addiction to try and prevent relapse after your treatment.

Our luxurious private Mediterranean estate will be the perfect place for you to take your first step towards gambling addiction treatment and recovery along with our many UK treatment centres, such as our London Rehab Clinic


Will you help me with my financial problems?

We can put you in touch with people who will be able to help with financial difficulties.

Will you help me speak to my friends and family?

We can put you in touch with liaison specialists if required, but more importantly, we’ll provide the therapy you need to change your destructive behaviour and attitude. Relationships often heal naturally once your recovery is complete.

What if I start gambling again afterwards?

If you relapse, you simply need to call us. We can give you short term goals over the phone and advise you of your next steps. When you leave the centre, you will have a post treatment recovery pack in your possession, which will give you all the relapse information you need.

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