Anxiety Rehab

Anxiety: What you need to know

There are many different kinds of conditions that can attribute to or lead to generalised anxiety disorder, otherwise known as GAD. These conditions include panic disorder (where the sufferer experiences frequent and unexplained panic attacks), phobias such as claustrophobia, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and social phobias such as social anxiety disorder (a fear of being in social situations with other people).

Those who suffer from any kind of anxiety find it difficult to stop worrying about a wide range of life events and issues. When they stop worrying about one issue in particular, another arises, causing a behaviour cycle that is difficult to break. Consequently, people with anxiety often suffer ill health as they find it hard to relax. Symptoms include loss of appetite and subsequent weight loss, insomnia, difficulty concentrating, feeling lightheaded and, in extreme cases, heart palpitations.

If you or if someone you love is suffering from anxiety and you're considering rehab, we can help at Step One Recovery.

Your initial consultation for Anxiety Rehab

When you first get in touch with us about potential anxiety rehabilitation, we will discuss your condition in detail and focus on its potential causes. For example, you may be suffering from a chemical imbalance in the brain that is causing your anxiety, such as an imbalance in serotonin (the happy hormone), which regulates your mood. We will also talk about your family history, as you are more likely to suffer from GAD if you have a loved one who has already been diagnosed and is living with the condition. We will also explore your personal circumstances and past to see if something back then could have triggered your present anxiety such as previous bullying, domestic violence or child abuse, alcoholism or drug abuse. We want to hear how your anxiety has affected you, your relationships, career and everyday life so we can thoroughly assess your needs and cater to them with compassion.

You will be assigned a therapist who can give you 24/7 support and talk you through your bespoke treatment plan. If you have had previous drug addiction treatment, we will discuss this and how you found the process, and also talk about any occasions when you have visited a doctor and tried to get help through a NHS route.

When you stay with us at our retreat in Alicante, we will be understanding and sympathetic and will ensure that you receive the best treatment, whether you are staying for a short time or a good few weeks. Our staff will make sure that you always feel safe, secure and healthy. We will discuss cognitive behavioural therapy and psychological therapies that can help you break free from anxious thoughts and help you to feel more confident about yourself and social situations.

How we treat Anxiety through rehab

How a person’s anxiety is treated will always vary, depending on the individual and their specific needs. We will discuss the following treatments with you to help you start to relax:

Cognitive behavioural therapy: This is an intensive therapy session in which we change your attitudes towards the life situations and things that make you anxious, to encourage a more positive and pro-active, confident way of perception. You will receive constant support throughout any difficult periods you have that cause you worry.

Family therapy: This is where we get you together with your loved ones and talk about your anxiety together as a group, covering your triggers and feelings. This method is great for people who may not want to face counselling on their own and require support from family or friends who also witness your anxiety on a daily basis.

Medications: Anxiety causes symptoms such as insomnia and depression. We may feel it is necessary to prescribe you medications to help you sleep, or drugs that help your hormonal balance such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs).

We want your anxiety rehabilitation to be as comfortable and calming as possible. Our professional team are very experienced in planning supportive programmes to help those that suffer from nervous disorders. We can give you effective guidance through a bespoke programme that focuses on healing your body, mind and soul with holistic practices, so you are living your best, most confident life. We are based in the sunny Costa Brava – a relaxing haven in Alicante where spending time in a warm and nourishing climate can work wonders on both mind and spirit. Our stunning retreat at the La Paz centre has been designed to give you the very best in luxurious comfort while you recover in the Spanish sunshine. We encourage mindfulness activities such as meditation, counselling and yoga to re-adjust your mindset and help you stay calm and relaxed.

During your time with us, there are also a few things you can do to support your treatment that involve self-help. For instance, we will encourage you to seek out a self-help anxiety programme after your time with us, so you can continue your journey to success long after you have checked out. Other self-help activities include:

  • Cutting out smoking, caffeine and alcohol
  • Eating healthily
  • Regular cardiovascular exercise
  • Meditation/mindfulness (there are many books and apps that can help with this)

Our staff

Our well qualified, helpful and supportive staff are why we have been able to successfully cure so many people of their anxiety. All of our staff members are deeply passionate and committed in supporting their clients at all times. We select our team for their experience and dedication, as well as their sympathetic and positive approach to getting you back to being yourself. Call today to find out how we can help you or someone you love with anxiety rehab.

Meet The Team

Our multi-disciplined team are all industry-leading experts in their individual fields. They are dedicated to providing you with treatment, support, and care around the clock, for as long as you need it.

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