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Anxiety Rehab

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Anxiety Rehab

There are many different kinds of conditions that can attribute to or lead to generalised anxiety disorder, otherwise known as GAD. These conditions include panic disorder (where the sufferer experiences frequent and unexplained panic attacks), phobias such as claustrophobia, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and social phobias such as social anxiety disorder (a fear of being in social situations with other people).

Those who suffer from any kind of anxiety find it difficult to stop worrying about a wide range of life events and issues. When they stop worrying about one issue in particular, another arises, causing a behaviour cycle that is difficult to break. Consequently, people with anxiety often suffer ill health as they find it hard to relax. Symptoms include loss of appetite and subsequent weight loss, insomnia, difficulty concentrating, feeling lightheaded and, in extreme cases, heart palpitations.

If you or someone close to you is experiencing anxiety and you're are considering rehabilitation as treatment, we can help at Step One Recovery.

Your Pre-Admission Consultation for Anxiety Rehab

When getting in touch with us about potential anxiety treatment & rehab, your condition will be discussed in detail with a focus on its potential causes. An example of a cause could be that you may be suffering from a chemical imbalance in the brain that is causing your anxiety, such as an imbalance in serotonin (the happy hormone), which regulates your mood. Your family history will also be a topic of discussion, as you are more likely to suffer from GAD if yourself or a loved one has already been diagnosed and is living with the condition. We will also explore your past and current personal circumstances to see if something back then could have caused your present anxiety such as previous bullying, child abuse, domestic violence, drug abuse or alcoholism. We would like to find out how your anxiety has affected all aspects of your personal life in order to assess your needs and how we can cater to them.

A therapist who can give you 24/7 support and help talk you through your bespoke treatment plan will be available throughout your stay. If you have had previous drug addiction treatment, we will discuss this and how you found the process, and also talk about any occasions when you have visited a doctor and tried to get help through a NHS route.

When you stay at our Moraira retreat, we will be understanding to your situation and ensure that you experience the best possible treatment, whether the duration of your stay is short or long we will look to provide the same standards of treatment. The staff you will have access to throughout your stay will make sure that you always feel healthy and safe. Discussions will take place about Cognitive behavioural therapy (CTB) and psychological therapies and how they can help you free yourself from anxious thoughts and help increase confidence about yourself in social situations.

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How Anxiety is treated through rehab

How anxiety is treated is dependant on the individual and the specific needs they have. The below treatments will be discussed to help put you at ease and relax:

Family therapy: This form of therapy is designed to get you together with your loved ones and talk in detail about your anxiety as a group, covering what your triggers are and how you feel. This is a great method for people who would prefer to have support from their family or friends who witness the effect of anxiety on a daily basis.

Cognitive behavioural therapy: This form of therapy can be quite intense as it’s designed to help change your attitudes towards life situations and things that make you anxious, this is done by encouraging a more positive, confident and pro-active way of thinking. Constant support will be given throughout any difficult periods you have that cause you worry.

Medications: Anxiety causes symptoms such as insomnia and depression. We may feel it is necessary to prescribe you medications to help you sleep, or drugs such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) to help your hormonal balance.

While receiving anxiety rehab with us we want you to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible to ensure full focus on recovery. We offer a number of mindful activities to supplement therapy work such as Yoga, Meditation and Reki, these activities are perfect in helping individuals take control of their mind. The location of our centre is very much private and offers a calming environment which is perfect for mental health treatments such as anxiety, the centre offers amazing views of the Mediterranean sea along with offering the health benefits that comes with being in a warmer climate.

During your time with us, there are also a few things you can do to support your treatment that involve self-help. For instance, we will encourage you to seek out a self-help anxiety programme after your time with us, so you can continue your journey to success long after you have checked out. Other self-help activities include:

  • Cutting out smoking, caffeine and alcohol
  • Eating healthily
  • Regular cardiovascular exercise
  • Meditation/mindfulness (there are many books and apps that can help with this)

Our staff

We have a team of very passionate and extremely hard working professionals who are all passionate about addiction recovery. You can be assured that during your stay you will receive the best possible care and attention 24 hours a day which will make your stay as peaceful as possible. Find out now why Step One Recovery is the right choice for Anxiety Rehab by getting in touch with our helpful team now.

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