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UAE Drug Laws

The use of illegal narcotics in the UAE has been dialed down and there are no other options than being sent immediately to jail, this is due to the new changes in the anti-drug laws.

UAE – Reduces Jail Time Up until recently the minimum jail sentenced for drug users was four years and has been reduced down to two. The Attorney General now has it in his power to send people (offenders, addicts…) to a rehabilitation clinic without the case going to court; this has come about due to advice from the police and prosecutions departments.

The new options for first-time drug abusers are as follows; rehabilitation center, a maximum fine of Dh10,000 or community service.

While this is great news for any first-time offenders it is causing issues with families who have had loved ones sent to jail for a first-time offense.

The original law from 1995 states that; drug use is a felony. This is no longer the case.

If an offender is delivered to a rehabilitation center by their family, they will face no penalty and will be kept in rehabilitation until the center deems them fit to leave. There has also been a change in the minimum stay in rehabilitation, reduced from three years to two.

The UAE is a very strict country regarding its drug laws, although it is becoming slightly more lenient and understanding, it is still no stroll in the park for offenders or addicts.

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