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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Leicester

Looking for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Cambridge? If so, our team can help.

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Leicester Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centres

Do not let addiction rule your life. Our medical experts can help you overcome substance abuse and get you sober.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Leicester

Alcohol and drug addictions can be incredibly stressful and upsetting to both the sufferer and their loved one, and most people will need help to quit. Addiction is a disease, which means in the long-term, it’ll respond better if scientifically proven methods are used to tackle it, and Step 1 Recovery offers drug and alcohol rehab in Leicester to give you the best possible chance of success.

If you’re considering a rehabilitation programme, then the centre in Moraira is the ideal place to go through detox and therapy, giving you ways to overcome your cravings and live a life free of drugs or alcohol. Our centre provides a luxurious, comfortable place to go through addiction treatment, helping you break negative behaviour cycles. We also offer centres throughout the UK, if you are not willing to travel to Spain.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction

While addiction can sometimes be seen as a failure or as something that a person should ‘get over’, there are actually scientific reasons why people become addicts. When people enjoy things such as food, sex or other pleasures, dopamine is released to give them a pleasant feeling.

However, substance misuse affects the structure of your brain over time, meaning you start to crave alcohol or drugs in the way you’d normally crave everyday things, and the longer you abuse these substances, the more difficult it can be to get back.

When you spend time at Step 1 Recovery, we help you overcome your disease and to start enjoying your life again. During our recovery programme, you’ll learn to live life once more, and our sessions of yoga, meditation and art therapies can help you discover new pleasures.

Developing Coping Strategies

It can be difficult to stay away from drugs or alcohol if you don’t have the right coping strategies. Those who have had difficult childhoods, for example, may find they use an alcohol or drug addiction to self-soothe when they feel negative emotions, while others might use these substances to cope with stress or loneliness.

That’s why you may be looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Leicester, so you can finally find positive ways to deal with your emotions.

When you stay with Step 1 Recovery, you’ll go through intensive therapy at our luxurious rehab centre. While you may be looking for rehab close to Leicester City, it’s worth considering undertaking drug or alcohol rehab away from home, as this often gives you a more objective view of your life.

While you stay with us, you’ll learn to identify the things that trigger your addiction, and we’ll give you the tools you need to stay away from harmful substances for life.

Relaxation Away From Home

When you’re overcoming a disease such as addiction, it’s important that your mind, body and soul all receive healing treatment. By leaving the East Midlands and spending time at our treatment centre in Spain or one of our UK centres, you can undergo intensive therapy at a relaxed pace, ensuring you have plenty of time to talk through your issues and gain insight into your addiction.

Spending time with us should feel like a treat, not a punishment, and we offer a range of complementary holistic therapies to work alongside traditional methods to give you the best possible chance of long-term recovery.

Staying Away From Drugs and Alcohol

When you go through a treatment programme, our aim is to keep you away from drugs or alcohol for life. When you go through drug and alcohol rehab in Leicester, abstinence is usually encouraged, as it ensures you stay away from temptations. However, we don’t want you to feel like you’ve ‘failed’ if you have a single drink. That’s why we offer workshops to help you learn the signs of relapse and help you cope if you do.

Rehab in Spain

While you may be looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Leicester, you may want to consider going further afield. Drug rehab is often most effective when you’re away from temptation and negative influences, and spending time at our Spanish villa feels like an escape from everyday life.

Our luxurious villa lets you enjoy the healing powers of the Mediterranean. With comfortable, private rooms and facilities such as a pool, you can return home feeling refreshed and revitalised. The sunny climate can be great for your mental health, and there are lots of qualified staff on hand to help you out if you have withdrawal symptoms or simply need someone to talk to.

In fact, there’s 24/7 support on hand, which means you never have to feel alone when you stay with us.


When you leave our rehab clinic, you’ll no doubt be keen to return to your life, but the first year after leaving rehab centres can be tricky. You are leaving a wonderful, supportive environment and will need to deal with everyday life again. That’s why everyone who completes a 28-day programme with us will have access to a year of free aftercare in the form of support groups.  These can be accessed in the UK, or we can find a suitable organisation close to you for ongoing support.

Some people feel that the end of their programme is just the start of their therapy journey, so you may want to consider extended aftercare, giving you the chance for further individual therapy. If you’ve tried other programmes and found you’ve relapsed down the line, then this might be a good idea for you.

If you are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction and want to know more about your treatment options, call the team at Step 1 Recovery at +44 (0) 7914 760631, and we can discuss whether our programme is right for you.