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First Step

Making that first step of asking for help and then accepting it, is one of the hardest parts of the recovery process. If you’re reading our website for the twentieth time, but you haven’t yet made contact, don’t worry, you’re not alone. We understand how it appears easier to give in to your urges, rather than face the perceived difficulty of removing your cravings. Bare in mind though, that the later you leave it to make that call to us; the more damage you may have caused to your work and home life, not to mention your relationship with your loved ones.

What happens when you make that call

You will speak to a professional member of our dedicated team, who won’t judge you. He or she will fully understand that far from being an unwell person, you are the victim of a disease. It may seem impossible right now, but once you make that call, you’ll realise that with help, love and support, you can recover and live a healthy life. There will be a confidential discussion between you and our team members about your problem.

You will be asked:

  • The nature of your problem. What you’re hoping to accomplish from treatment.
  • How much time you will be able to dedicate to the programme.
  • When will be a good time for you to have a comprehensive phone assessment.


How do I know if my problem needs treatment?

Everybody’s situation is different. If your quality of life is compromised, or your mood affected by your problem, then help is available. Treatment times will vary according to the severity of your condition. The best way to find out is to give us a call.

If I call you, will our conversation be fully confidential?

Please be assured that your privacy and confidentiality is a huge priority for us. All correspondence between us will be treated confidentially.

I’ve received treatment from somewhere else before and relapsed. Will you help me?

We can help you, but we will need to find out about the nature of your problem, how you have been treated in the past and the sort of programme you have been following. Please give us a call to start a confidential discussion about what you’re hoping to achieve.

Can I call you on behalf of somebody else?

If you are looking at this website because you believe someone you love is addicted to alcohol or drugs, there is hope. Step One Recovery is here to help. If your loved one is depressed, anxious, violent, lying to you, or even pushing you to breaking point, please don’t leave it too late to call us. Your safety and the safety of your loved one may be at stake. We will give you confidential advice on the next steps to take.

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