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Programme Durations

Step One Recovery provides intensive, personalised programmes, which incorporate cutting edge, evidence-based holistic treatment, as well as individual psychotherapy sessions. While 28 days is the average period of time required for an intensive programme, the treatment can be extended or reduced. Every week your programme will shift in response to the pace of your recovery.

As you get healthier, clearer and brighter, the entire treatment focus will adapt to suit you and your requirements. No programme is the same, as all of our clients have individual needs.

Intensive Residential

  • Any specific personal issues
  • Any co-morbid conditions (eg psychological or physical)
  • Your relationship with the world in which you live
  • Your relationship with others


I want treatment, but I can only spare a few days.

Our programme is tailored to the individual. If your need is urgent and you can genuinely only spend under 7 days with us, we will provide intensive treatment and help you make positive changes in your life during that time. Goals will be set and we will help you achieve them.

What happens if I turn up expecting the 14 day residential, but find I need more time?

We are very flexible. If you need more time, we will accommodate you and continue your treatment. When we chat over the phone, our staff will have a good idea of which length of programme will suit you best, based on the severity of your addiction. If they think you will benefit from the 28 day residential programme, they will suggest it to you.

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