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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Kuwait

Looking for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Kuwait? If so, our team can help.

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Kuwait Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centres

Are you struggling with addiction in Kuwait? Our expert team are here to help.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Kuwait

No matter which laws are created and which substances are banned, addiction seems to infect every country on the planet. Kuwait is no different. Despite it being illegal to sell and consume alcohol in public places, there are still serious addiction problems. A ban on alcohol only makes life for those addicted to it worse.

Drug addiction is a problem too. Many people – particularly young men – find themselves with ample free time. With nothing to occupy their mind and few job prospects, they can turn to drugs. Addiction in Kuwait is a growing problem, and the elephant in the government room: how can local people be addicted to something which is illegal?

It’s difficult, if not impossible, to attend drug and alcohol rehab in Kuwait. To seek help for your addiction, you would need to admit drug and alcohol addiction, both of which are serious crimes. Sadly, these addictions aren’t as respected as the true illnesses they are.

At Step One Recovery, we believe that every addict deserves the chance to attend a treatment centre. For that reason, local people and ex-pats are deciding to travel abroad and deal with their addiction for good. At our luxurious and professional treatment facilities, we can help you do that.

Do You Have an Addiction Problem?

Many people are addicted and still unable to admit that they have a problem. Your brain changes in the grips of addiction, and your logical reasoning can disappear. Many addicts know that drug and alcohol abuse is destroying their lives, but they still can’t stop. Some drugs are more addictive than others, but they all impact your everyday life. Let’s have a look at some of the classic symptoms of drug and alcohol addiction.

Facts About Drug Addiction

If you are addicted to drugs, you’re suffering from the disease. Many people don’t realise this and try to downplay the seriousness of addiction. What begins as a fun ‘rush’ with some friends can easily transform into a destructive illness.

These are some of the most obvious signs of drug addiction:

  • You feel powerful urges for the drug, and sometimes, your day revolves around getting it. You change plans, miss events and alter your daily timetable just to chase the drugs you need.
  • The quantity of drugs you take continues to increase. Your body builds up a tolerance to the drug, so you need to take more and more to get the same effect.
  • Plummeting into financial difficulties because of your drug abuse.
  • Feeling nausea, shakiness and suffering from seizures when you stop taking the drug. These are all withdrawal symptoms and signs of a serious addiction.
  • Finding that drugs are the only valuable thing in your life. You rarely see family members, avoid socialising and fall behind in work as the urge to take drugs overtakes you.

If any of these symptoms sound familiar, then you need to attend our addiction centre. You are not alone in your battle against addiction, and Step One Recovery can help.

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction is less obvious, but it can be even more dangerous. Many alcoholics can’t comprehend the thought of addiction. They’re just enjoying themselves. Why is it their fault that they can consume large amounts of alcohol? When a diseased brain is addicted to alcohol, it convinces you that everything is under control.

The reality could not be further from that. These are some of the tell-tale signs of alcoholism:

  • You notice that you have extreme mood swings, and you’re frustrated when you don’t have alcohol in your system. You feel like you need alcohol to ‘cool off’.
  • Similar to drug addiction, you skip social events, avoid loved ones and fall behind with your responsibilities at work. Alcohol is the only thing that matters to you.
  • You begin to drink alone and hide your habits from others.
  • You drink when there is no justifiable reason to do so. This means that you consume crates of beer and bottles of wine in a room by yourself, with little social interaction.
  • Those around you try to tell you that you may have a problem, and you refuse to believe them, even hurting them with your denial.

Your addictions are curable, and you are not alone. There may not be the drug and alcohol rehab facilities you need in Kuwait, but we can provide it at our world-class rehab clinic on Spain’s beautiful coast.

What to Expect From our Luxury Rehab

Since no traditional rehab and addiction centres exist in Kuwait, your best chance of beating your addiction is to fly overseas. Once you arrive at our luxury Mediterranean villa, you’ll be greeted by our warm and friendly staff. They’ll help you settle into your new room, complete with an en-suite bathroom and sea views.

We believe this is the best possible environment to deal with your addiction. You’ll leave behind your bad influences to be in a caring and loving surrounding. Not only do we accept your illness, but we also help you to recover from it. Since everything we do is with complete confidentiality, you don’t need to worry about any criminal persecution either.

After you contact us, you’ll undergo a full assessment and be given a start date at our clinic. We discuss your individual and unique treatment plan with you. You’ll know everything you need to about the drug and alcohol rehab process, and each patient receives a personalised treatment plan.

We use a wide range of therapy sessions as part of our outstanding addiction treatment. You can expect to take part in group workshops, group therapy sessions, individual therapy, and even holistic treatments. You’ll dine on fine food and allow your body to recover with a balanced, nutritious meal plan.

Our experienced team of psychologists and doctors have seen it all before. We will know exactly how to help your recovery.

Fill out the Contact Form at the bottom of this page for our free call-back service. Your illness can’t wait any longer, and you need to speak to our team.

Whether you’re struggling to admit your drug and alcohol addiction or are confused about the rehab process, we can help. Call today on +44 (0) 800 012 6006.