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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Northern Ireland

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Northern Ireland Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centres

Are you facing addiction on your own in Northern Ireland and need help? Our addiction experts can get you on the road to recovery.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Northern Ireland

If you have a problem with drugs or alcohol and feel like you’ve lost control of your life, then Step 1 Recovery can help get you back on track.

People who are looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Northern Ireland are often worried about the emotional and physical effects that alcohol or drugs have on their bodies but may have been struggling with addiction for many years and don’t know where to turn.

That’s why we offer a comprehensive rehab programme from our luxurious facility in Spain and our UK centres, and we’ve thought of everything to give you a comfortable stay.

Why go to Rehab Abroad?

It can be difficult to find drug and alcohol rehab in Northern Ireland, as there aren’t a huge number of centres that offer this kind of treatment, so there might not be many options other than to travel further afield. However, there are many advantages to going through residential rehab away from home.

Firstly, it can get you away from negative influences and addiction triggers. Perhaps you take drugs while socialising with certain groups of friends, or find you often drink heavily due to work stress. Addiction rehab centres that are away from home will instantly remove you from these difficult situations.

You also don’t need to worry about the stresses of everyday life when you go to a rehab clinic. While some organisations offer a drug or alcohol home detox, we have found that these aren’t effective for all clients, as having to deal with family, friends, and everyday life can be difficult when detoxing.

When you choose rehab abroad, you can take time away from these problems and focus on recovery.

Why Should I Choose Private Rehab?

If you’re suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, then your first port of call is usually your doctor. You’ll usually be put on an HSC waiting list for treatment, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll be sent to a rehab centre, as doctors often want to try options such as outpatient care first.

If you choose private rehab, then no doctor’s referral is needed, and there’s no waiting list; you can come straight to Step 1 Recovery and get world-class care.

Step 1 Recovery offers a treatment programme that’s designed to suit your individual needs. We carry out a full assessment of your mental and physical health and work hard to find the right options for you.

Unfortunately, because the HSC is financially stretched, you simply might not get such a high standard of care. Many patients who come to us have a dual diagnosis, which means they have a drug, alcohol, or even a gambling addiction combined with a mental health issue such as anxiety, depression or bipolar.

These cases can be especially complex, so you will need a treatment plan that’s suitable for you.

Another reason to go private is that you simply enjoy better quality facilities. While you may be looking for rehab in Northern Ireland, Spain can feel like a much more pleasant place to take a break and recover. Rehab can be hard work, and at the end of a day of therapy, you want to be able to unwind.

Step 1 Recovery is set in Moraira, a luxury Mediterranean retreat that has comfortable private rooms, a swimming pool, beautiful grounds and lovely communal spaces.

In addition to therapy, we offer a programme of activities, and you’ll get leisure time to relax and unwind. If you aren’t willing to travel to Spain, we do also have centres available in the UK which provide the same treatment without travelling too far away from home.

What kind of treatments will I be offered?

When people first contact us about drug and alcohol rehab in Northern Ireland, they usually want to know what life in rehab is like and what kind of treatments they’ll undertake. Most people who come to us for alcohol and drug rehab will begin their programme with a detox. While this can be a scary thought, we offer a range of fast detoxes which can be carried out under medical supervision. You can take prescription medication which will leave you slightly sedated, but take the edge off the worst of the withdrawal symptoms.

Once detoxed, you will start an intensive programme of individual and group therapy, all designed to help those suffering from drug or alcohol abuse. We have a team of highly qualified counsellors, some of whom have suffered drug abuse or other addictions in their own lives, so they are completely non-judgemental and understanding of others’ situations. We combine these more traditional therapies with a range of holistic treatments, from yoga and mindfulness sessions to massages and art therapy, so you can find things that’ll help you stay away from alcohol and drugs in the future.

While you stay in rehab, we take care of all your day-to-day needs, providing everything from catered meals to laundry services. When you contact us about drug and alcohol rehab in Northern Ireland, let us know any special requests, such as dietary requirements, and we’ll do our best to fulfil them.

What happens after rehab?

Once you fly home, you aren’t alone. We offer an excellent programme of aftercare, with 12 months of support therapy sessions to keep you on track. We’ll help you find local organisations, many of which have free phone numbers, so you can call them whenever you need to.

If you are close to relapsing, you can call our aftercare team for some free advice. It may be that you need extended care, perhaps therapy sessions close to home to fit around your life, or even some couple or family therapy to heal your relationships.

If you are looking for alcohol or drug rehab in Northern Ireland, simply pick up the phone and call Step 1 Recovery today on +44 (0) 330 107 2950 to find out more about the services that we offer.