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Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Couples

Recovering from an addiction is tough, and if you are in a relationship where you partner continues to use drugs or drink to excess, then this can put your own sober living at risk. That’s why drug and alcohol rehab for couples is becoming a more popular option, as it means you can heal your relationship and learn tools to manage your addictions together. It means you can learn your partner’s triggers and what can cause them to relapse, so you can support each other throughout the process and beyond. Step 1 Recovery offers a programme specially designed for couples.

Signs of addiction in couples

While most of us know the signs of individual addiction, there can be a pattern of behaviours that is unique to couples who both abuse drugs or alcohol. These can include:

  • Drinking or drugs become the only activity you do together
  • You need to be high or drunk in order to talk about your feelings honestly or to show affection
  • Your everyday life is becoming neglected, from housework to the children, or you are having financial difficulties due to addiction
  • There’s domestic violence while drinking or using drugs, which can be perpetuated by one or both partners

Women who suffer from substance abuse and mental health issues are especially likely to have a partner or spouse who also has a drug and alcohol addiction. If you notice any of the above patterns in your relationship, then it might be time to seek help.

Rehab for couples

Studies have shown that couples who have a good relationship do better when they enter a treatment center together. Your relationship can be a motivation to seek addiction treatment, and can be an excellent tool to help you in the long term. However, many married couples or those in relationships can find it difficult to find rehab programs that are suitable, which is why Step 1 Recovery offer drug and alcohol rehab for couples.

Stay at one of our centres and you’ll enjoy world-class facilities for both you and your partner. When you enter rehab, you’ll go through a detox programme, which can be hard work, but you can spend time together and seek comfort in each other.

In some cases, one partner might need more help and support than the other during detox, so it may be more appropriate to do the detox programme separately, then get back together for the rehab stage. We’ll carry out an assessment of both your needs on arrival, which ensures you both get the best possible treatment.

Our substance abuse treatment plan will include individual therapy for you and your partner, as well as behavioral couples’ therapy that can help you overcome negative patterns in your relationship and work out how to avoid substance abuse in future. You’ll also benefit from the great treatment program offered by Step 1 Recovery, such as group therapy sessions and holistic treatments such as yoga, art therapy, mindfulness or reiki. These treatments can work together to create an effective program to keep you away from drugs or excessive drinking.

When couples rehab isn’t suitable

There can be occasions when drug and alcohol rehab for couples isn’t recommended. This type of programme works best for those in healthy relationships, so if there’s ongoing domestic violence, one partner who is disinterested in rehab, or the relationship is likely to end after rehab, then individual programmes might be better for you. If there’s abuse and mental health problems, then it can be much more effective to go through rehab separately and perhaps undergo couples’ therapy once you both return home.

Step 1 Recovery is part of the Rehab Clinics Group, which means we have a number of sister clinics in the UK. We have Rehab clinics in London, Scotland, The Midlands and Yorkshire. You may be able to follow the same programme as your partner, but at different locations, which can give you the space you need to recover.


Leaving rehab

While drug and alcohol rehab for couples is an intensive process, the work doesn’t stop at the end of your substance abuse treatment. That’s why Step 1 Recovery offer education programmes that’ll help you spot the signs of rehab, and we may look at options such as a recovery contract to help you stay on track. This is in line with recommendations from specialists such as the Mental Health Services Administration. We also offer excellent aftercare, and can help you find local organisations so you and your partner can build a support network.

Improving your relationship

Drug and alcohol abuse can have a lasting impact on your relationship, even after you’ve gone through recovery. There can be deep emotional scars from the time you spent with addictions, and couples can often become co-dependent while in an addiction pattern. During therapy, we give you the time you need to talk through your feelings, and helps you build a new relationship standard. We can help you find things to do together that don’t involve drink or drugs, and while you stay at the villa you’ll have time to relax and enjoy time together.

If you are a couple who are suffering the effects of alcohol or drug abuse and want to seek help together, get in touch with Step 1 Recovery today on either +44 (0) 7914 760631 if calling from the UK, or on +34 672 637 647 if calling from Spain or overseas.

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