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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Edinburgh

Looking for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Edinburgh? If so, our team can help.

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Edinburgh Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Edinburgh

Are you currently living with a drug and alcohol addiction? Are you struggling to control this yourself? Are you experiencing health problems linked to substance abuse? There are many detox and rehabilitation programmes available, helping you overcome your withdrawal symptoms from drugs and alcohol.

Attempting to diminish a dependency alone can be draining and for most, impossible. The most effective route for long-term recovery will include the help of addiction professionals. See our options for Edinburgh locals below, here at our reputable, luxury Step 1 Recovery rehab centre.

What Are My Treatment Options in Edinburgh?

If you are based in the Edinburgh area, here at Step 1 Recovery, we have two options when considering treatment. If your drug and alcohol addiction is mild, well controlled and already slowly diminishing, outpatient treatments, either at home or a local rehab centre will be suggested.

However, if your addiction is chronic, and impacting your life, a residential rehab programme at our rehab centre will be recommended. Here you will experience a luxurious, relaxing setting to help you unwind, realign and recover from your addiction.

Rather than attending a UK-based rehab centre, here at Step 1 Recovery, we promote a move for a small period of time to provide yourself with the distance to work through your fixation. It can be extremely difficult to recover while surrounded by your current influences or environment. Visiting a luxury, new setting will allow you to switch off and work through your own personalised treatment plan.

Here you will complete a number of addiction treatments and holistic therapies to work on both your physical and psychological connection to drugs and alcohol. Treatment options within our detox and rehabilitation programmes include medical detoxifications, cognitive behavioural therapy, social activities, therapy sessions, physical exercise and family therapy.

Each treatment option will slowly move you onto a road of recovery, helping you to return home from rehab in Edinburgh, drug and alcohol-free. Throughout, our expert support will be provided, along with our exceptional facilities to promote a positive, motivating experience while staying with us.

Get in touch with our team today to discuss the current effects experienced by your addiction. Our team will get to know your story greater, by recommending the most effective and safe treatment options and personalising your addiction recovery.

How Soon Can I Receive Treatment?

As soon as you or a loved one contacts our admissions team, we can support you. Immediate care and guidance will be offered while we transport you to a convenient rehab centre in Scotland and develop your own personalised treatment plan.

This is one of the key benefits of private residential support; avoiding the lengthy NHS waiting list. We can start your rehab journey today, moving you one step closer to a new drug-free life.

How Long Will Rehab Take?

Depending on a number of factors, the timeframe for rehab will vary. Factors include the severity of addiction, an individual’s motivation to recover and treatment susceptibility. A common timeframe is 28 days, however, please keep in mind that this will vary.

Our team are passionate about ensuring that you are fully recovered. We will complete observations throughout your rehab stay to ensure that progression is made, and treatment options are effective for you. As all client requirements and health history vary, treatment plans, periods and success rates will change.

No matter how long it takes, our team will support you up until you feel ready to return home to Edinburgh. Please be reassured that a return home will only be recommended once you feel comfortable and ready to lead a drug-free life independently.

Will I Need a Detox?

This is a common question experienced by our admissions team. For most of our clients, a medical drug or alcohol detox will be necessary. If you are addicted to drugs and alcohol, consumption will need to be managed safely, helping to diminish any cravings.

Please ensure you seek medical support when completing a detox. Going cold turkey alone can be highly dangerous and lead to physical and mental health issues. You can expect to experience nausea, paranoia, sleepless nights and even seizures. Therefore, it is important that this step of rehabilitation is controlled.

We will ensure that you are comfortable throughout while paring your detox with further treatment options to ease the withdrawal symptoms. A detox is the most difficult step in rehab. However, it can set you up for great success when considering long-term recovery. This is a worthwhile treatment option and will prepare your mind and body for further addiction treatment.

What Will Happen After Rehab?

Post-rehab, here at Step 1 Recovery, we ensure that our clients are prepared for a return home to Edinburgh. Before checking out, our team will work with you to create a personalised long-term recovery plan, taking your goals into consideration. This will help ease the transition period for your return home.

Once you have returned home, you may feel vulnerable. This will be the first time you are faced with previous influences, with the potential to lead to a drug and alcohol relapse.

To reduce the likelihood of temptation, we offer all clients free aftercare outpatient treatment for a year post-rehab. This service will be completed at a rehab centre closer to home in Edinburgh. You will complete regular support groups, AA meetings, and any further appropriate addiction treatment.

We are passionate about ensuring that our clients are maintaining their goals and fully recovering from their drug and alcohol addictions.

If you are based in Edinburgh, consider our treatment options here at Step 1 Recovery. Recover in a relaxing, luxury setting while you put plans in place for a healthy, happy and addiction-free future.

You will experience our industry-leading addiction treatments and expert support to work through this difficult time. Leave our rehab centre armed with life-changing and saving tools, ready to lead a positive life, avoiding any form of drug and alcohol abuse.

Get in touch with our experts today to start your rehab journey. We will listen to your story and recommend the most effective steps moving forward.