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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Cambridge

Looking for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Cambridge? If so, our team can help.

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Cambridge Drug And Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Cambridge

Drug and alcohol addictions are on the up worldwide. Whether that be prescription medications, class A drugs or alcohol in general, substance abuse is rising. With more and more individuals turning to drugs to overcome any negative episodes, addictions are developing in areas such as Cambridge.

Although there are many treatment facilities and drug rehabs in Cambridge, there’s a lot of negativity and influences surrounding the area. With that said, it is imperative that individuals with an addiction source support elsewhere to increase the probability of recovery.

Without the right support, treatment and surroundings, addiction can be detrimental. Significant effects on physical and mental health are common, influencing greater substance abuse to block out the negativity. This can become a vicious circle, fuelling addiction greater.

Drug and alcohol addictions can be overcome. Taking the first step by reaching out for help now will increase your recovery rate, while boosting the efficiency of your rehabilitation.

Drug and Alcohol Support in Cambridge

Here at Step 1 Recovery, if you are based in Cambridge, we will recommend a visit to our residential rehab centre in Spain or across England. Although this may seem like a drastic step, as touched on above, the surroundings you are placed within can influence your recovery rate.

By remaining in your local area, many negative associations may be present. This can include the initial stimuli, people you associate the consumption of drugs and alcohol with or the location this takes place. By moving away to a new, relaxing setting, you will provide yourself with the best opportunity to focus on yourself, while working through your addiction treatment.

We can help you arrange your flights, transport and any further services to make your experience with us positive. We will offer continuous, around-the-clock support to ensure you feel comfortable at our rehab centre. We promote comfort through our relaxing, luxury standards, making sure that the quality of care you receive is first class.

Get in touch with our team today for further information on our centre, and how the residential rehab process can benefit you.

Rehab Treatments for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

While visiting our rehab centre, you will complete a variety of evidence-based addiction treatments. In order to understand which are most effective to diminish your addiction, our team will first need to understand your addiction and medical history further. We understand that opening up about your feelings and past may be difficult, however, this step is important to ensure you are receiving the care and support you need.

Drug and alcohol addiction is different for everyone. Some individuals experience significant psychological issues linked to addiction. Others experience health problems, influencing the inability to live a quality life. With this in mind, we will create a personalised treatment plan and recovery programme to help you through rehab.

To work on your physical cravings, a drug and alcohol detox will be overseen by our medical experts. This will help to reduce your intake, while slowly showing your body that a drug-free future is possible. This is a difficult step to rehab, however, is imperative if long-term recovery is your goal.

After completing your detox, further treatment options will be completed to work on your psychological connection to drugs and alcohol. These will include therapy and counselling sessions, cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational therapy and relapse prevention classes. Each will look at your initial stimuli while turning your negative thoughts to positive ones.

We will help you imagine a life without substance abuse, while slowly turning this into your reality. We will also include your family members throughout your educational sessions to ensure they are prepared for your return home to Cambridge. Please keep in mind that relapses can happen. It is best to be ready, with positive coping mechanisms in place to tackle any future episodes.

Each of our addiction treatments is designed with recovery in mind, helping you ultimately take control of your life once again, while completely disconnecting from substance abuse.

How Long Will Rehab Take?

The average timescale for drug and alcohol residential rehab is 28 days. However, please keep in mind that every patient of ours is different. Factors which can influence the timeframe include the severity of addiction, patient susceptibility to treatment, patient motivation to recover and your support network.

Although we do our utmost to create an efficient recovery programme, there are no quick fixes when considering addiction. No matter how long it takes, we will support you through your rehab journey.

Please also keep in mind how timescales and treatment options can change depending on progression. Our expert team will observe your progression throughout to ensure you are getting the most out of your time with us.

What Happens After Rehab?

Once you have completed your recovery programme at our drug and alcohol rehab centre, a return home to Cambridge will be recommended. However, please be reassured that continuous support will be offered. Here at Step 1 Recovery, we offer aftercare outpatient services to all clients at one of our UK-based rehab centres.

This will include regular guidance, support groups, AA meetings and motivational sessions. This will ensure you are continuing long-term recovery while returning to your home influences in Cambridge.

We understand how difficult this time may also be for your loved ones. With that said, we will offer continuous support for them also, offering peace of mind that you are still on track to diminishing their drug and alcohol addiction.

If you are suffering from a drug and alcohol addiction, and are based in Cambridge, get in touch with our team today. We can run through our rehab process here at Step 1 Recovery, along with listening to any of your concerns. Although rehab may seem daunting, it is an effective journey to conquering your addiction.

With the right support and treatments available, long-term recovery is highly likely. Reduce the damage caused thus far with our specialised support. Return home to Cambridge with a new perspective on drugs, while living a life controlled by yourself and not addiction.