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Amphetamine Detox

Effects of Amphetamine Addiction

Amphetamine, a commonly used drug causing euphoric, buzz feelings. With a greater availability and an increase of tolerances, amphetamine addiction has continued to grow. Causing both mental and physical disorders, long-term use of amphetamine is very dangerous.

If you or a loved one has a dependency on this drug, a detox from amphetamine will be recommended. If consistent use of amphetamine is experienced, quality of life, along with the probability of developing chronic mental health issues is common. Without addiction treatment, dosages will continue to rise, cravings will become stronger, leading to the potential of a life-threatening overdose.

There are many addiction treatment methods available to support individuals who have developed an addiction to amphetamine. From psychological treatments to reduce the connection, along with detoxes to heal the body, there are a number of tested accessible treatment programmes.

Here at Step 1 Recovery, we offer those with a dependency an amphetamine detox. This will help to reduce cravings, while aiding users to disconnect from physical withdrawal symptoms.

Completing an Amphetamine detox

Depending on an individual’s general health, usage period and tolerances, amphetamine abuse can affect individuals differently. If you or a family member are experiencing any physical or mental tell-tale signs, completing an amphetamine detox is highly recommended before greater damage is caused.

The first step of your amphetamine detox will include an assessment with our expert team. This assessment will look at your underlying reason of taking amphetamine, your dosage and the feeling you experience when taking the drug. We will also discuss how amphetamine abuse has affected your quality of life, health and capacity to maintain relationships. This information will guide our therapists to select the most appropriate addiction treatment for you.

Once we’ve got to know your story, we will select the most appropriate treatment to complete an amphetamine detox. Methods include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, which changes your perception and outlook on drug use, while helping to promote positive thoughts about life without future amphetamine use. This will help to battle any mental health issues you have developed through your addiction. Alongside CBT, there will be opportunities for you to discuss your feelings with certified therapists. Here you will learn comping mechanisms to help curb any future amphetamine cravings. We will also recommend group and family therapy sessions, to learn from other client’s rehab journeys and your loved one’s experience.

Finally, to fully complete your amphetamine detox, a physical detoxification will be offered to slowly reduce your dosage. Here at Step 1 Recovery we believe in holistic, smooth rehabilitation. Therefore, we will continue to reduce your dosage until you’re at a point where you no longer require amphetamine. This point is important to consider when looking to complete an amphetamine detox. If completing this alone, understanding the reduction of doses is difficult unless you are a medical expert. We will ensure that you are safe health wise, while moving you towards a positive life without amphetamine.

By completing an amphetamine detox, you will increase your chances of overcoming your addiction, resulting in long-term recovery. By spending time focusing on yourself, set in a private, comfortable rehab centre, you will leave feeling reenergised to continue your drug-free journey. You may feel that an amphetamine detox will be impossible, however, with our carefully selected evidence-based treatments, along with our support, addiction can be conquered. Additionally, giving yourself the opportunity to leave behind outside influences, and visit a residential rehab centre, you will give yourself the focus you deserve to show your strength.

Benefit from an amphetamine detox today whilst learning some effective lessons to serve you throughout your recovery process.

How our Step 1 Recovery centre can support you through addiction

Alongside offering detox treatment for those dependent on amphetamine, we offer support, guidance and treatment methods for a variety of addictions. Whether you are battling through a drug addiction, an alcohol dependency, or depression, our specialised team, along with our life-changing treatments are here to support you. Here at Step 1 Recovery we understand how difficult living with, acknowledging and working through an addiction alone can be. Our mission is to support those in need with our wealth of experience, to take control and boost quality of life by diminishing drug use.

Our passion along with our specialised team is what sets us apart from UK based rehabilitation centres – that without mentioning our luxury, comforting location. If you are looking for a team of compassionate people, who understand addiction and how to overcome them, our team is for you. Our team are full of experienced psychologists, certified therapists and medical experts, ensuring that your welfare and security is priority. Going cold turkey alone isn’t recommended, no matter how severe your addiction may be. Moving forward with dedicated support will help ease your detox. By considering both your physical and mental health, positive steps forward will be promoted to help readjust your mindset and motivation. Our support will also ease those difficult times of your detox where you are faced with withdrawal symptoms. We do not sugar coat things here at Step 1 Recovery. Anyone with a dependency will suffer a form of symptoms when a reduction of dosage begins. However, we will provide you with tested mechanisms to push those symptoms to the back of your mind by focusing on your recovery. Following our advice and detox programmes, you will reach the other side.

Any form of addiction shouldn’t be dealt with alone, surrounded by external stimuli. Those who attempt this may experience a relapse later down the line, influencing greater drug use. Whether you or a loved one is suffering with an amphetamine addiction, seeking expert advice will be the first step to a drug-free future. By completing an amphetamine detox at a safe haven, you will increase your chances of leading a positive life. Giving attention and focus to your feelings will help to progress long-term recovery for both you and all parties involved. To begin your amphetamine detox today, get in touch with our expert team on +44 (0)7914 760 631 /

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