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Anxiety & Depression Recovery

About Anxiety & Depression recovery

Out of control anxiety will cause you to panic about everyday situations and think irrational thoughts that cause depression. When you are depressed, you withdraw from normal life. Coping with all that anxiety, depression or a combination of both alone can be debilitating. The world becomes a very scary place. Our approach to anxiety and depression recovery will give you the coping mechanisms you need to function in society and lead a normal, happy life.

Our approach to Anxiety & Depression recovery

Whether your anxiety disorder manifests itself as phobias, ritualistic OCD behaviour or post-traumatic stress symptoms, we will give you techniques to manage your reactions and therapy that will calm your nervous system. Depression will be dealt with holistically in order to understand what is making you depressed, before treating you medically with psychotherapy and adjusting your diet and exercise to help you get a natural boost. We will provide:

  • Relaxation techniques, meditation and coping tools in a relaxing environment.
  • Medical support when needed. Therapy is tailored to support your individual condition.
  • Help to overcome related personal issues that are associated with your condition.

Our luxurious and private Mediterranean estate is the perfect place for you to take your first step towards anxiety and depression recovery. If you wish to stay closer to home in the UK or London we also have a network of rehab centres nationwide.

The team at our Step One Rehab Clinic have years of experience in dealing with a wide variety of mental health conditions and will be able to provide you with the help and support you need throughout the duration of your treatment. Get in touch with our admissions team and start your journey to recovery now.

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What happens before I receive treatment?

Before admission into the Step One Recovery centre, you will speak with a psychiatrist who will assess the mental health issues you are experiencing. Once the psychiatrist has carried out this initial assessment, you will be advised on the types of treatment for depression and anxiety that are offered at our clinic. When all treatment options have been discussed you will be recommended a treatment plan which is best suited to treat your depression and anxiety.

Why should I consider a retreat for depression and anxiety?

Whether you are dealing with clinical depression or suffering from regular anxiety attacks, your current environment could be the cause of your mental health condition. By getting treatment from an anxiety and depression recovery clinic that is away from your day to day environment could help aid your symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Step One Recovery offers residential treatment abroad, the appeal for people living in the UK is that it provides a retreat that is far away from home and is located on a beautiful Mediterranean estate which provides a peaceful and stress free environment.

Will I still feel miserable sometimes, even after treatment?

Every case is different and the causes of depression vary from person to person. Should you feel your depression returning following treatment and your new coping mechanisms are not working, you can call us at any time, around the clock. Our professional team will be able to advise you of what to do, for as long as you need.

What if I slip back into old habits?

During your treatment, you will be given anxiety management techniques, which will help you avoid relapsing into ritualistic behaviour. However, should you need our help and advice, we’re only a phone call away.

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