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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Derby

Looking for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Derby? If so, our team can help.

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Drug And Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres in Derby

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Derby

If you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol, then you certainly aren’t alone. An increasing number of people are looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Derby, often because they can’t get suitable NHS treatment or don’t want to wait. Step 1 Recovery offers a fast alternative to NHS treatment from our top-quality residential rehab centres based in the UK and Europe.

Centres we have available abroad are just a short flight away from Derby if you use Birmingham or East Midlands Airport, we offer a luxurious retreat where you can go through addiction treatment and start to recover.

Do I Have an Addiction?

While drinking, and even using small amounts of recreational drugs, has become acceptable in society, there’s a point where it goes from something fun that you do on weekends to an addiction. Many people live in denial that they have a problem, but if you’re looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Derby, then the odds are that you know you have a problem and that you’re seeking help.

Whether you’re someone who uses alcohol or drugs, or a loved one, there are a few signs that casual use has morphed into an addiction.

Some things to look out for include:

• Drinking or taking drugs outside of social occasions
• Lying about using substances or the amount they take
• Feeling guilty and anxious about substance use, but not being able to stop
• Needing a drink or using drugs first thing in the morning as an eye-opener
• Engaging in risky or dishonest behaviour or having mood swings

Not all people with addictions will have all the above symptoms, and it’s certainly not an exhaustive list. However, if any of these signs sound familiar to you, then it might be time to consider starting your recovery journey.

Do I Need Residential Rehab?

When you’re searching for a rehab clinic, you may be considering whether to go for residential outpatient treatment. If you go for the latter option, you’ll stay at home, going to sessions in the clinic in between.

Having the option to receive treatment in locations such as Spain or across England makes Step 1 Recovery a truly unique addiction treatment provider. We strongly believe that receiving treatment in warmer or new environments can be the best kind of environment for those with addictions. When people are in recovery, they go through behavioural therapy to help get themselves out of negative thought patterns and behaviours. If they’re living at home and still dealing with everyday stresses, then it’s all too easy to stay in this cycle and relapse.

Travelling to locations such as Spain or throughout the UK and committing to a 28-day programme means that you can take a break from life and recover in all respects. You get to work on your physical and mental health, which is a rare treat in our busy lives, so you can start living again before you go back home with a renewed attitude.

What is it Like in Rehab?

At Step 1 Recovery, you can enjoy a luxurious environment while you recover. We don’t believe rehab should be a punishment, it should be a reward for you committing to starting your life again, so our drug and alcohol service is carried out in luxurious centres in locations such as the UK and Spain. All our centres provide comfortable rooms with private and en-suite room options, a beautiful d©cor, and beautiful gardens so you can relax and even sunbathe depending on where you decide to receive treatment from.

When you search for drug and alcohol rehab in Derby, you’ll notice that some providers offer a detox-only treatment service. We don’t allow you to detox and then leave, as we feel this goes against our principles of setting you up to be sober for life. Instead, we have put together a 28-day programme which combines detox and rehab, so you get a comprehensive package during your addiction treatment.

Everyone has different needs, and your assessment on arrival will help us decide the best treatment options for you. However, some things you are likely to have included a full detox, for which you can be prescribed medication ease the symptoms, individual therapy, and drug and alcohol rehab group sessions which allow you to work with others towards recovery.

How Happens After Rehab?

After you leave rehab and fly home, your treatment with Step 1 Recovery doesn’t end. We offer a year of free aftercare to those who complete their programme, and this can be taken at our clinics in the UK. We can also help you look for Derby drug and alcohol service providers, who can support you on your ongoing journey. Many clients of ours find it useful to join organisations such as Alcoholics Anonymous, which helps people with drinking problems, or Narcotics Anonymous which works with those addicted to drugs,

Many people who stay with us have a wish list that they’ve perhaps thought about for years, full of things they’d like to do if they got sober. Whether it’s rebuilding a relationship with a loved one, or taking a new career path, we can help you find a way to achieve your goals. If you’re happy and busy, then you’re less likely to relapse and more likely to find success in rehab.

When you need effective drug and alcohol rehab in Derby, consider Step 1 Recovery for your treatment programme. To get started, all you need to do is pick up the phone and call +44 (0) 800 012 6006 to find out more.