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Blackpool Drug And Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

If you're looking for addiction help in Blackpool, get in touch with us to start your recovery journey.

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Are you struggling to acknowledge that a drug and alcohol problem is present? For many clients, it is difficult to gauge the severity of their personal situation. This is highly likely when drug and alcohol consumption has started unintentionally, where withdrawal symptoms are ignored.

Yet by ignoring your current situation, a drug and alcohol addiction can advance significantly, causing life-threatening physical and mental health illnesses. Likewise, a dual diagnosis could develop, requiring greater treatment later on.

Avoid a future of ongoing health concerns by sourcing a drug and alcohol rehab in Blackpool or nearby to start your addiction recovery. At Step 1 Recovery, our UK-based centres can offer a healing private environment, while having access to our advanced addiction treatments. Find out how we can help you recover today through rehab.

How Can Denial Stop Your Addiction Recovery?

Denial can be a detrimental feeling to experience in many situations. When considering a behavioural illness like a drug and alcohol addiction, denial will delay the timeframe between acknowledgement and receiving support.

The biggest danger of denial is the potentially life-threatening conditions and side effects which can be experienced within this timeframe. Likewise, a delay can fuel greater substance misuse, making the situation highly damaging for all involved.

Now it is all well and good for a member of the family to request intervention, where addiction treatment is accepted by the user. However, without overcoming denial, while possessing a genuine desire to heal, full recovery will be put on hold. A rehab programme can be a long and challenging process. With this in mind, it is vital that all clients have an honest interest in rehabilitating and detoxifying from drugs and alcohol.

Therefore, if you’re currently experiencing denial, it’s time to acknowledge your unhealthy habits with drugs and alcohol. This will advance your access to effective addiction treatments while preparing you mentally to overcome your barriers and triggers. Mental preparation is key to unlocking the underlying influence of drug and alcohol abuse, helping to diminish your connection for the long term. Reach out today to open up about your history with drugs and alcohol, while understanding the value of rehab.

Finding Support Convenient for Blackpool Locals

Once you’ve acknowledged that a drug and alcohol addiction is controlling your life, sourcing appropriate support will be the next effective step. Although there are significant amounts of rehab services available on a global scale, it is important that you consider your personal needs when looking to recover.

For some individuals, the desire to recover surrounded by their support network is imperative; in this situation, a drug and alcohol rehab in Blackpool will be suggested. However, for individuals residing in an unhealthy, drug-fuelled environment, visiting a rehab facility within a far distance of Blackpool will be recommended.

Likewise, the severity of your drug and alcohol addiction can direct the most appropriate treatment options. For those living with few side effects, outpatient treatment routes may provide effectiveness. Yet for individuals experiencing consistent withdrawal symptoms, influencing negative impacts, around-the-clock care and treatment will be promoted; usually completed through a residential rehab centre.

A further factor which can influence the treatment route to take includes the presence of any mental health issues. When considering a dual diagnosis, it is imperative that support is sourced through a specialised rehab facility. Here at Step 1 Recovery, we have vast experience in treating clients through both a drug and alcohol addiction and a connected mental health issue, tackling them individually; yet ensuring that both have diminished, with the inability to resurface and influence one another.

Therefore, before starting your recovery journey, it is very important that you find the right drug and alcohol rehab facility for you. By failing to research and consider alternative treatment options, rehab may be an unproductive experience for you. To pinpoint the most appropriate direction for you, whether that’s a drug and alcohol rehab in Blackpool, or our high-quality care here at Step 1 Recovery, we will provide honest recommendations. Please be reassured that your information will be kept confidential.

Addiction Treatments Here at Step 1 Recovery

If the selection of our UK rehab facilities carries great value for you, you will be provided with a personalised rehab programme. This approach to treatment will ensure that progression is likely for all clients, no matter the addiction or mental health illness.

With personalisation as a priority, an array of our leading addiction treatments will be recommended, building a personal treatment programme. For most clients suffering from a drug and alcohol addiction, treatment will usually start with a medically supervised detox. Here is where consumption levels will be reduced while diminishing any toxins from the body. This addiction treatment will set the body to its optimal level, ready to progress through psychological therapy.

From here, common psychological addiction treatments include cognitive behavioural therapy, coping mechanism sessions, motivational therapy, group sessions and family therapy. For many clients, psychological intervention will be imperative to fully overcome a drug and alcohol addiction.

Currently, you may be unaware of the underlying trigger stimulating substance abuse. Our team of addiction counsellors will work with you to understand the key influence, helping to realign the mind. This is a highly important step to complete, as untreated psychological triggers could reappear and influence future drug and alcohol relapses.

Our comprehensive rehab programmes will ensure that each angle of your drug and alcohol addiction has been worked through, helping you return home to Blackpool addiction-free.

If you’re keen to suppress and overcome your behavioural illness, take the first step of recovery by acknowledging your problem. Our compassionate team here at Step 1 Recovery will guide you through the rehab process, ensuring you’re comfortable and prepared for your own personalised journey.

Reach out today to discuss whether a drug and alcohol rehab in Blackpool will be suitable for you, or whether a greater focus is required through a residential rehab programme. Call us now on +44 (0) 800 012 6006 or complete our contact form below.