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Admission Process & Medical Examination

The admissions process begins in earnest whilst we are on the phone to the client, or his or her representative, discussing the nature of the problem and treatment required. We will guide the client or representative sensitively through a number of different questions, the answers to which will enable us to fill in the relevant paperwork to admit you to our centre. Once we have the information needed to admit the client and provide a firm arrival date, we will give you a check list of things you’ll need to bring with you and know about our facility before you arrive.

The information we’ll need from you includes:

  • The client’s medical history.
  • The client’s family history.
  • The availability of finances to fund the treatment.
  • Extended care options.

Our treatments

Here are a few of the treatments that will be on offer. Your recovery process will rely on a combination of the following to provide you with the best possible opportunity to beat your addiction:

  • Gaining a thorough understanding of the 12 step programme.
  • Holistic treatment to resolve underlying issues that are the cause of your condition and relate to unhealthy habits.
  • A variety of therapies and spiritual activities. Guidance on nutrition and exercise.


What therapies will I experience?

We provide cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational enhancement therapy and psychotherapy. Your particular combination of therapies will depend on your individual condition.

Why do you place so much emphasis on diet and exercise?

Good nutrition and regular exercise are key to living a healthier life. Exercise in particular is helpful in fighting depression and anxiety, which is so often associated with addiction.

When will I find out about the sort of treatments I’m going to receive?

We will discuss them over the phone when you call us for your assessment, but we like to take a flexible approach to treatment. If you’re at the centre and it becomes clear that a different type of treatment would be more suitable for you, we can make adjustments to your programme.

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