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Prescription Drug Rehab

The facts about prescription drug addiction

There is a common misconception that prescription drugs are not addictive and that only illegal drugs that can cause an addiction. This isn't the case, and many people who have been prescribed medication by a GP can become addicted to it by taking too much and in a different way to that prescribed by their doctor because of the psychoactive effects the drug has on their body. The most common types of prescription drugs that users can become addicted to include sleeping tablets, painkillers, weight loss tablets, anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs.

Drug addiction can steal a lot from an individual and their family – including their personality, job and finance. It is common for those who are addicted to prescription drugs to buy impure substitutions on the street or buy them online on the black market. Drugs can have dangerous physical and psychological effects on a user, that results in behavioural changes like over-confidence, paranoia, irritability, secrecy, mood swings and depression. Taking prescription drugs in the long term can have physical effects that are long-lasting on the body (such as painkillers having damaging effects on the liver). These effects can even be permanent if prescription drugs are taken over many years.

How do I know if I need prescription drug rehab?

It can be more difficult to notice when you or someone you love may be addicted to prescription drugs and require rehabilitation, as it is a lot easier to disguise an addiction to medicines that have been prescribed by a doctor.

Behaviours to watch out for include:

  • Increased doctors appointments for no reason
  • Increased complaints about medical conditions that would require prescription drugs
  • Changes in behaviour such as agression, secrecy, paranoia, loss of libido, lying about drug use, change in eating patterns, lack of motivation and/or depression
  • Defensive behaviour when discussing prescription drugs being taken
  • Poor performance in work and/or education

If think that you or someone you love might have a prescription drug addiction, our private rehab centres at Step 1 Recovery can help, call us today to find out how. We have a considerate approach to all kinds of drug addictions, we offer treatment that involves holistic and mind focused therapies. Working with you, we will look to guide you or a close one to successful rehabilitation and be a part of a life without drugs.

Prescription drug rehab with us

When we first begin to work with you, your prescription drug addiction will be discussed in dept to help determine its severity.

You’ll need to mention the conditions you are supposed to be taking your medication for, and give us some details of your medical history. We will discuss symptoms that you may already be experiencing, for example, if you have an addiction to sleeping medication, you may be feeling continuously drowsy and confused.

It is during your stay that you have access to the services of an experienced therapist who will be able to provide around the clock 24 hour care while guiding you through the bespoke treatment programme that you have been given. This includes any questions you may have regarding the detox phase of the process and how you might be affected by it. Any mental conditions that may also be causing issues during your stay including anxiety and depression can also be handled by your therapist.

We treat prescription drug addiction through detox over a two week period, although this can be extended depending on the severity of the addiction. As part of your rehab with us you will take part in the following therapies:

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy: This is an intensive therapy session in which we look to alter behaviours in the brain to gradually change your attitudes towards prescription drugs until you feel you no longer need them, or can take them in only the prescribed amounts as prescribed to you. You will receive constant support throughout any difficult periods you have that cause you worry. This behavioural technique is very useful and can be used post-treatment time in our clinic, helping you cope more easily with your cravings as you move forward.
  • Family/group therapy: This is where we get you together with your loved ones and/or other people who are currently undergoing similar treatment with us and talk about your prescription addiction together as a group, discussing your feelings and triggers.

The treatment offered at our centres is referred to as in-client treatment, this enables us to carry out effective rehab programmes by giving you around the clock care when you stay with us in our range of luxurious and comfortable accommodations. We have addiction treatment centres across the UK in major cities such as London
and a fantastic choice of rehabs in the Mediterranean.

The length of your stay is your decision, but we are happy to advise on how long we believe you should stay based on your answers in the pre-admission interview.

Everyone is different, but we believe the best advice is for you to stay long enough in order to give us time to heal the mind from its addictive behaviours towards prescription drugs in order to prevent any potential relapses after you leave one of our centres.

If you experience any physical effects, your symptoms should see an improvement in a couple of weeks, though it must be noted that this is dependent on how serious your prescription drug addiction is.

Our luxurious retreat

While staying at our prescription drug rehab centre, we will aim to be sympathetic and understanding to your current circumstances and will make sure you experience the best possible treatment no matter how long your stay is. The staff at our centres at there to make sure that you feel safe and secure throughout the duration of your stay. Any questions you have about your detox plan and other therapies will be answered promptly with all concerns taken seriously.

We want your rehabilitation to be relaxing and enriching. The team at all our centres have a large amount of experiance in carrying out successful detoxes that support those who want to completely remove the addictive substance from their system. We can help guide you through every step of your bespoke programe and help you heal your body and soul through a number of holistic based practices, helping you to walk away from drug abuse for good and live a healthy life.

Our stunning retreats have been designed to give you the very best in luxurious comfort while you recover in the Spanish sunshine. We encourage activities that are focused on the mind this can include counselling, meditation and yoga to help retune your mind so you can focus more on recovering. Our retreat has a gym, health and beauty services and a pool, so you will have lots of calming activities to help keep your mind occupied.

Every member of staff are passionate and committed to supporting you at all times. Our team has been selected based on their dedication and experience in addiction recovery. Call us today to find out what we can do to help either you or someone you love with a suspected prescription drug addiction that needs rehab.

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