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"I had hidden my emotions for 30 years with alcohol dominating every day of the last 15 years. Like many others, I was faced with a decision only an addict would painstakingly mull over. Two doors. One door led to a Palace of Peace, and the other led to death. I am grateful to have been guided by inner wisdom and chosen recovery at Step One.

In my wildest dreams, I never would have imagined the change that has occurred to me after 5 weeks. I would never have imagined laughing so freely or crying without shame. I would never have imagined that I would learn to love life and myself again. I leave here today without fear. I leave here today excited and physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy.

Rehab. That dirty little word that ushers in thoughts of failure and failed people. Yes, I thought that as well. But as I walk out of these doors I see rehab as a place of rebirth and a place that I will never forget. I am so grateful for the compassion that everyone at Step 1 has shown me. I am grateful that I have recovery within and with that, I go forward having an infinite number of doors that I can open. Thank- you – all of you!"


"The ice instantly started to melt.

What I learned not only gave me the tools and insight for a better and self-loving life, it allowed me to find the answers I’d been searching for a very long time. It was all thanks to the wisdom passed on by a formidable team who also made me realize that the answers I needed were inside of me all along.

I came in not seeing the beauty of life or in myself and came out realizing that wisdom and magic can happen at any moment and beauty is around and within me at all times.

The Step 1 team, you are a remarkable, inspirational, loving and dedicated bunch of people. You make Step 1 a life-changing experience.

If the only thing people learned was not to be afraid of their experience, that alone would change the world – Sydney Banks"


"As my time here draws to a close, it’s hard to put into words the change that has occurred in me both physically, mentally and spiritually. But in my own words, please see below, my thoughts for this incredible rehab facility you have created.

I did it my way, living a lost life of chaos, featuring mainly, alcohol, drugs, gambling and solitude from those that loved me most. The devil inside took me to the brink of his empire on more than one occasion. I craved the sanctuary of one final overdose to end the pain that had ravaged me for 29 years. A little under 6 weeks at Step 1 Recovery and the transformation is startling.

The help and guidance I have received from the brilliant team at Step 1 have enabled me to find my path. A path of sobriety and creativity. A life of laughter and courage. Indeed, I have replaced 29 years of core rage with an inner belief system of courage.

Now here is a funny thing. I had spent the 6 months leading up to my arrival at Step 1 Recovery, doing everything for the last time, my sons last birthday, our last Xmas together, our last soccer match. My path was set for the finale. Having discovered life, I then was anxious about death, as I have so much to live for. Can’t you win right? Wrong! Finding the right path was just the start. I am now in a place in life which sadly very few people ever witness. I am at total peace with myself and the world. I can say honestly if theoretically I was given one week to live, I’d have no bitterness. I have had a great life, and am totally cool with what lays ahead, both good and bad.

Step 1 Recovery isn’t the only rehab clinic out there. However, it is the place, where I have witnessed the miracle of human recovery time and again during my stay. It is my honor to add my recovery to their story. They will tell you when you leave, you did it, you put the hard work in! That will be true, but their passion, humanity, and care will make your journey to the life you deserve, so much more pleasurable.

My wife and sons thank you, my friends and family thank you, I love you."


"I am leaving after 28 days, sad but at peace and so happy that my experience at Step One has given me the insight to believe in today, myself and love the person I am, thanks to each and every one of you.

Graham for seeing something in me that I never did, Laura for helping me to release my demons. Thanks to Amanda for the introduction of the 3 principals which opened my mind to receive such a fantastic gift. Seth for amazing groups and sharing with honesty, chef Carl for feeding me ‘slightly too well’.

Cynthia and Maria for making my stay comfortable and clean. Then last but not least Leo for my first friendly hug of the day. There is a magic at the palace and its available to everyone, personally, I got more than I ever dreamed and cannot be more thankful for having the best experience of my life, so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU"


"There are no words that I could say that could possibly come even close to the gratitude I have inside for step one and every member of staff and every peer that was there and was part my recovery. But I will try my best…..

I walked into Step One on the 18th May broken, with no will to live anymore. I had been battling with alcohol and drug addiction for many years and it had battered me, I was on the floor and was beaten. I was grey, underweight and as Serge so aptly put it, had that ’80s heroin chic’ look.

I was met with unconditional love at Step One, people that were willing to love me until I could do the same for myself. And over the 7 weeks, I was there, those people did just that. Slowly, slowly day by day with the love and encouragement from Step One, I came to see that I’m actually ok, I’m not a bad person because I’m an addict and everything does get better a day at a time. I quite like the person I am today and I wish that every addict/alcoholic could have the experience of Step One because it 100% has saved my life. I got myself some wings now and they ain’t getting clipped! (Laura)

So Step One and everyone that was part of my healing and my recovery …….



"I’d like to share my gratitude and appreciation to everyone at Step One Recovery.

For all the beauty and serenity at the Palace (and there is an abundance), my Step One journey into recovery is a testament to the approach, dedication, and compassion of Graham and his team. I can’t thank Graham, Amanda, Andy, Seth and everyone at the Palace enough for their strength, kindness, empathy and much-needed humor.

As with everything it’s the people that really make it and that’s inherently true of those at Step One. They create an innate feeling of hope and positivity and it says so much about everyone there that I’ve felt as supported since leaving as I did throughout my stay at the Palace.

The level of care and passion for recovery at Step One was typified by Graham from our very first meeting. He not only took the time to meet me (on more than one occasion) but my family too. He made every effort to ensure that we were supported as a family from the very beginning. And Graham’s commitment to my wellbeing goes beyond my time in Spain… He has not only stayed in touch but been back to the UK to see my family and me again.

The wonderful uniqueness of Step One is that I never felt like I was staying in a treatment center… This was truly enlightening and so refreshing and what makes the Palace such a special place. From day one I was given the support and freedom to start living and enjoying my life again. For the first time in a very long time, I was able to stay present at the moment and look forward to the future.

My Step One journey was and continues to be, a life shifting and life returning experience. I am forever grateful to everyone for the strength, hope, and happiness that I now feel again."


"Herewith I would like to thank Step One Recovery, in particular, Serge who is a very amazing therapist with a lot of knowledge, insights, and wisdom. He was able to guide me in my treatment journey, very quick, insightful and devoted to helping me find harmony and peace back into my life. I really enjoyed my sessions and working with him.

I would also like to thank lovely nurse Kate, who was very caring, patient, helpful and always had a friendly and welcoming approach.

Last but not least, I would like to thank Amanda for her devotion and enthusiasm, for her remarkable organizing skills with which she runs this establishment smoothly.

All the best and take care. Monique"


"It is difficult to put into a few words what Step1 has meant to me. The standards are high, professional yet relaxed, which is impressive, given the “Palace” has been operating for under a year. From Carl’s outstanding cuisine, the wonderful setting and facilities, to the caring and attentive staff. I must particularly commend Maria in Housekeeping for looking after my room and laundry in such a way that I felt like royalty. But if I speak from my heart, the Palace kept me safe at a vulnerable time and provided a holding space for me to take stock of my life with the help of the therapy team, who gave me new perspectives and supported me with their warmth and companionship. Graham has created a special place here and the formula works!


"I am very grateful to all at Step One for the unwavering support they have shown me throughout my stay.

I have not only made new friends but feel I’ve been given a new lease of life. The center is absolutely beautiful. the staff very professional and the food is some of the best I’ve eaten.

Thank you Graham and the team."


", First of all, I would like to thank you and your team from the bottom of my heart, for welcoming me to your treatment center recently.

When I entered that Thursday, I had no expectation of leaving the way I did, and in the frame of mind I did, only 7 days later.

Your team including yourself, are truly remarkable and inspirational in all aspects of your care, and the one to one liaisons and support, in my opinion, round off a truly exceptional network of professional and inspired people.

When I entered your Palace I had decided upon myself that I had issues, and addiction may be looming in my destructive behavior. Your team assisted me to find clarity in my mind and thoughts, they worked tirelessly to assist me, and eventually pinpointed other issues in my life, that was causing me to behave and act like I was doing. All aspects I entered the palace believing I had complete control over, were exactly the opposite and I am eternally grateful for the help provided.

Since leaving my life has begun a great transformation, myself and my family have started on the road to better things, a fuller more settled existence."


"What I’ve appreciated most about Step 1 is their avant-garde approach to recovery. From psychotherapeutic hypnosis to ‘ The Steps’, to yoga and ‘magic rocks’, you’ll find what you need here, regardless of your walk of life.

An open mind will open doors to a better, cleaner life. Whilst it’s never ( I imagine) comfortable coming into rehab, after a few days, I had made myself very much at home here. Phil’s home-cooked meals, Maria’s smile, Andy’s ubiquitous wit, Graham’s thorough encouragement: I will hold these in my pocket as I grow old.

If you are reading this now, you are in the hands of good, hardworking people who genuinely care about your welfare."


"From the moment I arrived at Step One recovery, I lived an experience that changed my life.

I entered the rehab feeling that I did not want to continue living this life. With a dark vision of the life I was living and a deep emptiness in my heart, created by the intense fear that I had when I tried to face my future.

Every time I tried to look in to my future it overwhelmed me with panic attacks. I did not want to keep feeling that way anymore.

After my treatment I remember being in the taxi going back home and everything around me looked brighter, nicer and approachable. I felt like I was looking through a new type of lens with a filter of: Positivity or how NICE is this place, these people or this life.

Certainly it is the best place I have been in my life. The only place where all the things happening around me were designed to better my well-being, health, happiness, comfort, safety and protection.

I thank all the people I found in rehab. They created an environment where I lived a personalised experience specialised for my benefit and now everyone around me can enjoy being in my presence. I feel grateful that now I can continue my life and put into practice everything I learned.

To all the staff: Forever THANKS"


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