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Drug Rehab

The dangers of drug addiction

With prolonged use, drugs create chemical alterations in the mind which results in changes to your behaviour with common side effects being raised confidence, paranoia, anxiety, secrecy and irritability. An addictive substance can cause long term physical damage on the body depending on the type of drug and how long it has been used for.

How do I know if I need drug rehab?

The typical signs to look out for when determining whether you or a loved one may need help or drug rehab for excessive substance use include:

  • Attending college, uni or work while still under the influence of drugs.
  • Changes in behaviour resulting in some of these effects - increased aggression, paranoia, lack of motivation, secrecy, change in eating patterns, weight loss, lying about drug use and depression.
  • Carrying on with typical family life whist drugs are still in your system
  • Experiancing symptoms of withdrawal when you stop taking drugs
  • Extreme depression and thoughts of suicide

These are just some of the typical psychological and physical symptoms of drug abuse. If you or a family member has a drug addiction, give us a call so that we can help. Our therapies focus on healing mind, body and soul. Working together, we can help you to change, grow and start to live a life that is drug-free.

Your guide to drug rehab

When you first reach out to us for help, we will discuss your drug addiction. If you have had previous drug addiction treatment, we will discuss this and how you found the process, and whether you have sought help in the past through other organisations. You will be assigned a therapist who can give you support and talk you through your bespoke treatment plan, which will cover the detoxification process and how it will affect you, as well as any anxiety or other mental health symptoms you may be experiencing.

In-patient treatment is what we offer at Step 1 Recovery, as we believe the most effective way to treat your addiction is by having you stay at our centre where you will have access to round the clock care and support. The duration of your stay is your decision, we are happy to advise on how long we believe you should stay at the centre by going off the consultation you would of underwent before admission into the centre.

Every person is different, but we always advise that you stay for long enough for us to focus on the mental side of your drug addiction to prevent relapse and to give you a different way of thinking about drug use. When it comes to treating the physical effects on your body, your symptoms should generally improve within two weeks, although this again will vary, depending on the degree of psychological addiction to drugs and the severity of your withdrawal symptoms.

During your stay, you will become accustomed to world-class therapy from our highly experienced team of staff. You may find that treatment is intense, as you will be required to undertake long sessions of therapy every day during your stay, but we feel this is essential to guarantee success in your journey. You will also attend group therapy sessions/support groups, with your family (should you wish), and undergo cognitive behavioural therapy to inform you about your addiction to drugs and what decisions have cause it.

When you stay with us at our retreat in Moraira or in one of our UK clinics, we will be understanding and sympathetic and ensure that you receive the best treatment, whether you are staying for a short time or a good few weeks. Our staff will make sure that you always feel safe, secure and healthy. We will discuss detox therapies and psychotherapy, in order for you to change your attitude towards drugs and kick the habit for good. Everyone responds to treatment in different ways, and our staff will keep you feeling motivated and supported as you undertake a healthy drug detox and a course of drug rehabilitation. Our detox programmes are always medically supervised.

Our main centre is based on Spain’s beautiful Costa Blanca, but we also have centres throughout the UK. Our deluxe retreat in Spain’s warm and comforting climate works wonders on body and mind. We are a holistic addiction therapy centre and offer mindful activities and workshops such as meditation, breathing techniques, Tai Chi and yoga to help you to re-adjust your mindset and deal with cravings with they arise. Our services also include a gym, pool and tranquil gardens to relax in.

Our staff

At Step One Recovery, many of our staff have experienced addiction first-hand, so know about the situation our patients are going through. We select all staff for their high levels of dedication and passion for addiction therapy. Rest assured that during your time with us we will always exercise the most discretion and understanding. Get in touch with one of our drug rehab experts today to discover how we can help you or a friend or relative with a determined or suspected drug addiction so that we can help you begin the process of positive drug rehabilitation.

Drug rehab FAQ's

Why choose residential treatment?

Residential drug rehab treatment has a lot of benefits as opposed to receiving treatment from public health services such as the NHS. The reason for this comes mostly down to waiting times and the lack of 24-hour support which is a must when going through detox. Withdrawal symptoms that come from having a drug or alcohol addiction can be severe, this is why it's important that you receive around the clock care to help you through the programme.

How long is Drug Rehab?

We can offer programmes for up to 28 days, the length of time you are with us is dependant on the severity of your addiction, the type of drug you are addicted to and whether you have any health problems that could cause complications during your detox.

What other types of addictions do you treat?

Along with drug addiction treatment, we also offer alcohol rehab programmes and treatment for behavioural addictions such as gambling, sex addiction as well as treatment for mental health conditions which includes anxiety and depression.

Why Spain?

To add to our collection of UK rehab clinics, we decided to create an alternative option for those looking for a unique drug rehab centre that can help them on their journey to recovery. The warmer climate that you experience at our Mediterranean treatment centre has shown to aid recovery faster than your typical centre. If you would like to find out more about our drug rehabilitation programmes or any other treatment options then please get in touch with our team.

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