Alcohol Addiction

An alcohol addiction can affect anyone, regardless of your age, gender, profession, nationality or upbringing. Alcohol addiction, as with any other addiction is classed as a chronic relapsing brain disease by experts and professionals all around the world.

The Addiction, The Disease

Being addicted to alcohol does not necessarily mean you have a dependency on it, in some cases, an individual can go days, weeks and even months without a drink. However, once they begin, the addiction and the disease kicks back in and the entire destructive cycle begins again. They live to drink and drink to live.

Addiction, Abuse & Alcoholism

Alcohol addiction, abuse and alcoholism are a massive strain on national health services all over the globe. Most deaths that are related to alcohol are generally due to alcohol poisoning, organ failure and in some cases death during acute withdrawal. This is why it is so important to get help if you are trying to stop consuming alcohol.

Alcohol Addiction Help & Recovery

In order to maintain the abstinence from alcohol and prevent relapse, we here at Step One Recovery can devise a bespoke therapy program which will include aftercare. It is paramount to deal with the psychological issues underpinning the addiction if you intend on staying free of alcohols grip in the long term of it all.

At Step One Recovery Centre in Spain, we can help you take your first step, to a healthier you.

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