When an individual is dealing with a drug addiction a rehabilitation programme is of paramount importance however, an aftercare programme is of equal importance. Getting the help you need at a rehabilitation centre will help you to detox and begin to heal, but what happens upon leaving the rehabilitation centre?

An aftercare programme will provide you with the support you need when you are reintroduced to the world. It can be a scary thing to leave the comfort of a recovery centre and knowing that you still have some support can be the difference between relapse and a full recovery.

At Step One Recovery we can provide you with the support you need to make a full transition back to life, back to your job, back to your family and loved ones, and more importantly back to a healthier and happier version of yourself.

We have a 24/7 free phone number and you will be able to contact us whenever you need be it day or night, if you are feeling to overwhelmed we will happily welcome you back with open arms or if you just want to talk to one of our counsellors and get the advice of someone you trust, we are here for you.

Once you join us at our luxurious rehabilitation centre you will never have to feel the fear of being alone against your addiction, you will have a team of people standing by you prepared to help you and provide you with whatever you need.

Contact us at Step One Recovery today and discover a world of peace, happiness, and safety, you will heal, you will recover, and we will ensure that you make it to sobriety and stay there.

Take your first steps on the path to recovery today, a brighter future awaits you.